10 Horror Gaming Fates Worse Than Death


From Outlast’s patients to Resident Evil 7’s family, these characters would be better off dead.

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33 Responses to “10 Horror Gaming Fates Worse Than Death

  • When I see stuff like this i always wonder who sat down and thought of this

  • Becoming a darkspawn… Tamlen ; _ ;

  • How about the fate we left Raziel with in the last Legacy of Kain entry, Defiance: Forever trapped in the Soul Reaver as you go mad with hunger that can only be sated by devouring souls while being trapped in the wheel of fate to repeat that cycle forever, all the while knowing this was only way of there being any slim hope of breaking it.

  • I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream is also the game that came to my mind. Glad it´s on the list!

  • I was hoping for corpse party to be on the list, but I definitely agree with number 1!

  • Low key terrible fate is leaving Mr. House alive but disconnected from everything.

  • i love how what culture used to throw shade at watchmojo but is now just as soulless and formulaic

  • The moment I see this title, I instantly think of the Soma ending. It best be here!

  • Geras fate in Mortal Kombat. Being drowned in the bottomless sea, while being reborn for eternity.

  • I wish you guys would mention the platform a game is from. Shoot, at the very minimum list the names of the games in the description

  • For non horror games, I'd like to bring up FEV augmentation from Fallout, and everything Flood and/or Promethean from Halo.

  • When you have to skip through part of the video because you still haven’t beaten we happy few

  • Being infected with the parasite Las Plagas-Resident Evil 4

  • We happy few is such an underrated game 💗💗💗💗

  • You could had being a D classic person in any SPC facility

  • Floating through space isn't necessarily a death sentence. There is a tiny chance that a white semi spherical ship could just appear around you out of nowhere.


  • Saran is pictured as a cat because cats are the devil. The cat in Cinderella is even named Lucifer.

  • What? No The Last of Us? There's been recent studies that show that irl, the original victim of the cordyceps fungus, ants, still have some idea that they're being controlled (as conscious as ants can be anyway). If this trapped lucidity transfers to the human victims in TLOU, then it stands to reason that turning into an Infected and progressing through the stages would be utter hell.

  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadows

  • #1 should be Isaac's fate at the end of dead space 3…endlessly fucked to death by EA.

  • What about little nightmares? I mean u have to survive in an nightmarish world with grotesc Monsters or maybe become one of them. U can even stuck in a time Loop or forced to eat anything u get Just to become evil or controlled…

  • Cyberpunk 2077’s beyond the black wall fate should be here

  • Honorable Mentions:

    Amnesia (A Machine for Pigs): Being a manpig
    Agony: Everybody in Hell
    Subnautica (Yes it's horror): Being stuck alone on an ocean planet where everything is trying to kill you

  • am i the only one who…"hates" the new edition of WC videos? they feel rushed

  • Splatterhouse. The mask isn't fused to him permanently. Rick's deal just isn't fulfilled yet. It set up for a sequel. The whole deal was "Until 'Jen' is safe back in your arms, you're mine." Not something wearing Jen or inhabiting her, Jen herself. It was setting up a sequel where you would more than likely have to face her or figure out a way to free your girlfriends soul.

  • Another brutal fate is in the Five Nights of Freedy’s: most if not all the animatronics were human children who where killed and cam only move on by literally getting burned alive. Not only that, they never achieve their goal of stopping springtrap/william afton from hurting other people.

  • "We Happy Few" being stuck in an authoritarian police state huh? By the way, I'm going to need to see your license to make this video. And did you pay the proper amount of tax to upload it? Did the production of this video follow all rules and guidelines?

  • To put a drug that's literally called Joy from we happy few on a list of the worst Fates in horror games is beyond idiotic.

    But at least they got the most horrible fate in all of fiction right. I have no mouth and I must scream is pretty much the peak for suffering.

  • 0:07– That head got crushed by some drip

  • Doom Eternal, when you get to hell, you will see human being tortured forever

  • “and be confident they’re not living their best life” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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