10 Old Gaming Hacks That Are NOW EXTINCT


Some fun classic video game hardware/software tricks just don’t work anymore. Here’s a fun trip down memory lane.
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41 Responses to “10 Old Gaming Hacks That Are NOW EXTINCT

  • 1:47 Give a Like (and RESPECT ✊ to You) if You also remember AVGN when you saw this

  • I watched for 2min and none of that is hacks… maybe glitches or exploits but hack is when you actually manipulate the code.

  • You forgot code breaking for ps1, and ps2 games.

  • I remember having one of those curly bendable lights, for my gameboy color, but I would never tell people I went around “hacking” my gameboy. I had a computer, sitting on my desk, but could not figure out how to be in front of the computer screen, for long periods of time, comfortably. Someone suggested I go and buy a chair. Well, I went and hacked my computer desk, and I got a rolling chair, that can spin around 360*. I can sit in my hacked chair, and play games all day now…..

  • A third of the human population are gamers

  • Falcon…you couldnt of made me feel any fucking older from you're 'Kirk' style description of cheat books and walkthroughs! 😂 I use to have a A-Z of Megadrive games, was thick as a Yellow pages 🤣

  • Still to this day I have 2 Gamesharks with me and I still use them

  • In arcades we carried big magnets to tap the front of the coin slot door. And get as many free games as we wanted, and give people like 100 credits for 2 dollars. Worked on all Midway games. Cant remember about any others, too long ago. Or maybe it was the opposite.

  • How about adding commands to the shortcut of *.exes?

  • #5 I remember those cheat code books every time the book fair was at my school we used to steal them and run straight out the entrance as if we were playing tag. XD

  • at 5:06 they used a photo of mecca bro respect 💀

  • ur a good narrator bruv. seems easy but apparently its not cuz alot of people suck @ it. their voices are flat out obnoxious & annoying, very irritating. guess ya either got it or ya don't

  • i loved x-band. used to play people around the world and my friends (4:58 was my friend name "DarkStalker") and i would play each other for hours. we found a way to dial other people phone number so we didn't have to paid for it. tee hee

  • N 64 GameShark was the best thing ever back in the day

  • Ahh. Gameshark on Castlevania: arial of sorrow. The best castlevania game to have cheat enabled. Good ol times.

  • I used 2 smash Mickelson till they were the size of a quarter 4 arcade games

  • goldfinger..my dude…to play Japanese games imports from ebay.. 😉

  • the goldeneye cartridge tilt is a classic among me and my brothers. we used to spend hours laughing at just a stupid glitch.

  • DOS games oh man. Had these! Had wheel of fortune AND lemmings. They were awesome

  • I had a code book but I also had the game sharks. There was one for the ps1 that used a disk and a memory card slot to inject ode into the game super helpful especially on twisted metal 2 lol.

  • Lol, I'm digging all the Enter the Matrix eye catches.

  • Electric lighters anyone ? 🙂

  • using the action replay for pokemon on the ds was the best!

  • Magic genie… I live for the rare occurrence of a runescape reference. Even if it was just a visual of an exp genie.

  • Calling the counseling line. ? Ie I had to to get past a part in Zelda as a kid. 🤟

  • I unsubbed for the way you said Ryu in another video but I'll resub for being a man of the strategy guide era

  • God I miss those cheat magazines hahaha

  • yea… dont be… uh fastitious>>?? get your copy proofed, and learn the words before reading. Kind of takes down the entire premise of the… ahem.. facetiousness.

  • All the hacks I knew was wiping the ps2 disk after blowing on it and prayed to god that it worked

  • This video made me feel like such an old gamer. Kids now will never even see an arcade

  • yeah that MGS rapid fire one. If youre pressing too fast legitimately, it will also not count. So i stepped my button mashing up with some lighter, rubbing back and forth super fast and i would still fail. In the end i noticed, all i had to do was pushing slower lol.

  • the last players guide i bought was given to me for free cause i broke my leg and my mom was getting me Mad World to cheer me up

  • If you know this then you are an 80's or 90's kid

    up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A

  • Lol, imagine punishing your 70s or 80s kid for destroying your Computer, but he really just hacked it.

  • Wow haven’t seen that nightmare on elm street flash game in so long

  • I CAN SO RELATE TO THAT on 5:47 the classic starcraft manual was a life saver

  • I had Action Replay on my PS2, but the only thing I ever used it for was collecting all of the enemies in FFX for the Monster Arena. Somehow, thinking of doing any more than that made me feel guilty.

  • Unplug the second controller and convince a whining toddler they were actually playing. That one never gets old

  • Blowing on the cartridge

  • I used to have a Piranha Pad and a GameShark for Playstation, had so much fun with those. I only used them after I had already beaten the games normally, because I have standards.

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