10 Shocking Addiction of Bollywood Actresses


These are the Crazy Obsessions of Bollywood Actresses :-

1. Janhvi Kapoor :- Janhvi Kapoor has a weird obsession. She is obsessed with her pink sipper bottle. She is crazy about her bottle so much so that she even named it Chuski. Her fans made an instagram account for her pink bottle.

2. Sara Ali Khan :- Sara Ali Khan is obsessed with the colour pink. Sara loves the colour pink too much and it can be seen through her instagram pictures. Sara is also obsessed with nail paints and frequently changes her nail colours.

3. Alia Bhatt :- The Raazi actress is obsessed with cats. She owns 3 cats named Edward, Sheeba and Pica.

4. Deepika Padukone :- The leading lady of Bollywood has OCD and cannot tolerate mess around her. She is crazy about keeping her surroundings clean and organized. That is the reason Deepika cleans and organizes her room by herself.

5. Kareena Kapoor :- Bebo is obsessed with her fitness and figure. She is crazy about maintaining fit body. She is also crazy about bags from luxury brands and holds a huge collection of expensive bags.

6. Priyanka Chopra :- The global icon PeeCee is obsessed with shoes from expensive luxury brands. According to reports Priyanka owns almost 120 pairs of shoes. This actress thinks that wearing the right footwear makes her look perfect.

7. Sunny Leone :- This bubbly actress is obsessed with her feet. She washes her feet every 20 minutes. Everyone on the set of Jism 2 was surprised when they saw Sunny cleaning her feet every now and then.

8. Disha Patani :- This actress is obsessed about one thing and no, that’s not Tiger Shroff. Disha is obsessed with her captions at her Instagram handle. Basically DIsha is obsessed with one pink flower emoji which she uses as a caption for most of her pictures.

9. Sonam Kapoor :- The fashionista of Bollywood is obsessed with designer clothes so much so that her wardrobe is filled with designer clothes. Sonam is crazy about designer bags. The actress has huge colection of expensive bags from brands like Hermes, Fendi and many more.

10. Kangana Ranaut :- The queen of bollywood is addicted to tattoos and has already inked herself several times. Kangana’s tatttoo on her neck is a tattoo of a sword with wings. She also has a tattoo on her left ankle of Warrior angel.

11. Vidya Balan :- The Kahaani actress is crazily in love with sarees and Vidya Balan has a collection of around 800 sarees. Vidya loves Kanchipuram sarees and her favourite designer is none other than Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

12. Bipasha Basu :- This actress is crazy about watches and loves to collect watches. Bipasha has a huge collection of watches from luxury brands and some of them are too much expensive.

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