10 Things Non-Gamers Don't Understand About Gaming


The “magic” pause button ain’t so magic.

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36 Responses to “10 Things Non-Gamers Don't Understand About Gaming

  • Love the mental health psa at the end of this, the world needs more of that! Much love!

  • Almost 400 games in my library…. my "never played" folder is….. heartbreaking.

  • i really want to play dishonored 2! that been sitting almost two years in my library. also want to play dark souls for the first time! but it's expensive atm! i have others games to complete for months now! and we having cyberpunk coming and also more amazing games this year, on top of the games i already playing and have previous to complete! im in FOMO!

  • about watching others… i watch them play horror games, cause im scared myself to play them, so im safe from a distance… how i beat the first dead space two times, dead space 2 like 6 times and dead space 3, two times. i never touch horror games again.

  • I know this nitpicking, but remember there's millions of gamers who game just fine without picking up a controller. 😉

  • As a gamer, I don't understand in the least why people will spend hours watching things like "let's play" videos. I will check out some game play videos about a game only if I just want to get an idea what the game is like because 1) I know I will never play it, but I'm still curious about it or 2) I'm somewhat interested in it, but not sure yet if I'll actually get it. I might enjoy watching someone I know playing a game in person, but I refuse to spend my time watching strangers play the same game that I could be playing.

    Also, while I don't think anyone should ever seriously consider the thought that violent video games can cause people to be violent, I do think there is legitimate cause to think that violent video games (and movies/TV shows) can desensitize people to violence. Even a study that tries to say the violent video games don't cause this say the studies that did make the connection are actually just confusing which event caused the other, essentially saying that those who play violent video games were apathetic and violent before they started playing, which is why they like those games… Now THAT sounds like a pretty major (and ridiculous) assumption to me.

    I also don't entirely get the backlog stress. Personally, I don't look to buy any new games (no matter how awesome they look) if I'm working on finishing multiple games (that I still intend to finish), and I typically only get in that situation when I get several at once due to holiday gifts at the end/start of the year. Having a continually growing gaming backlog almost feels like a self-control issue.

    serious note : You might need to look into getting help when your fun activity starts becoming detrimental and yet you still can't stop yourself. Addictions are real.

  • Oh my backlog is a thing of horror. We are way past FOMO at this point.

  • Every single thing on this list was 124% right for me I can't even fathom how many times I've had to explain video game violence as not being a reflection of myself to trying to explain why despite some difficulty spikes being a pain in the ass I don't just give up on the game even after raging

  • Grown ups with social lives, mortgages and responsibilities can enjoy computer games too.

    Surprised this one isn't on the list as number 1 given the dismissive view the general public has of them.

  • What a fantastic list Jules and something that all partners of gamers or parents of gamers should really be shown. You eloquently explained so many things that us gamers have found ourselves trying to explain to non gamers. When I'm lucky enough to find myaelf a new girlfriend and if she isn't a gamer… then i shall be sure to advise that she watches this video as it was fantastically explained. Great work mate 🙏

  • is there any scientific proofs of these claims? Sounds like just a guy with his opinions. It's like saying porn doesn't hurt anybody until you actually look into it and realize 95% of porn is human trafficking.

  • I was just on Autoplay and zoned out… UNTIL that last statement about empathy. Good on ya. Instant Sub.

  • You are the GOAT man

  • basically if i find it fun i'll fucking do it and it's none of your buisness

  • I want my "one per list"!

  • All the people saying that watching a gameplay is like watching football, that's a really stupid example. You can play the exactly same game that the person you're watching, I can't go and play the champions league for Real Madrid. I not saying that is better or worse, just don't compare things that you don't understand.

  • Greater inclusivity? Hahaha…it has taken over. Most games being released right now, the antagonist is female. The Outer Worlds is a perfect example of "inclusivity" gone overboard.

  • I love games but screw watching someone else I want it all for me

  • The backlog bit is funny because when my mother came to visit me about a week ago she heard me talking to my roommate about my gaming backlog. "That just sounds like chores, don't you play them for fun?" To which I responded "Mother, don't you have a ton of books piling up you want to read but haven't had sufficient time to read them? Yeah, same thing different medium. Now imagine some of the games are the length of the entire Game of Thrones series in raw time consumed. So they get deprioritized."

  • My backlog is getting out of hand. That's because I brought some good games with a nice sale. And also folks never buy multiple rpgs. You never be done lol

  • The Beat Saber clip hit too close to home.

  • I have added the link to this vid on my wife's facebook

  • What game is at 3:22?

  • People making fun of you for being emotionally invested in a game’s story. Yeah, I’m gonna cry during the Anju and Kafei quest or when Otacon says “Snake had a hard life” at the end of MGS4 because the stories and characters are great. Games are cinematic now and have been for a long time. If you can be invested in a TV drama, I can be invested in the story of a game.

  • People making fun of you for being emotionally invested in a game’s story. Yeah, I’m gonna cry during the Anju and Kafei quest or when Otacon says “Snake had a hard life” at the end of MGS4 because the stories and characters are great. Games are cinematic now and have been for a long time. If you can be invested in a TV drama, I can be invested in the story of a game.

  • I play video games a lot, however, I don’t really get watching someone else play, unless you either can’t afford it or if it’s an exclusive to another platform

  • Every steam gamer laughing at number 1, we all gave up on that years ago.

  • I don't think people of colour are as represented as you think. Yes, many games allow you to create your own character but tell me; how many triple A single player games out there has the main playable character as a person of colour?

    L. G. B. T.

  • Dad : son why did you watch people play games istead playing the games yourself ?
    Me : well dad why did you watch people play soccer/football instead playing the sport yourself ?

  • one can not simply pause an online game

  • #1 I've had more game time in the past 4 months than the previous 4 years. I sit at home and work all day now and play video games

  • My backlock or "Pile of Shame" is still big, even after I dont bought Games for half an year now and only played games from there.

  • My god just hearing #1 gave me stress cuz I need to catch up on my backlog before cyberpunk comes out…

  • I like a game where I can actually pause when I need a break, not when I’m forced to quit in the middle of a match and get penalized. That’s why I rarely play online.

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