10 Video Games You'll NEVER 100%


Try as you might, you’re not getting the platinum here.

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Download 10 Video Games You'll NEVER 100% from here

44 Responses to “10 Video Games You'll NEVER 100%

  • OK, challenge accepted.

  • dont think ive ever 100% a game :-P… finish a game, on to the next 🙂

  • … considered fortunate to obtain seriously 3.0 after a thousand hours of playing…
    Loughs in FFBE trophies

  • This was one of your better lists, superb.

  • Where's withcher 3

  • 7:40 winning 100 fights in a row… with a single life? well duh.

  • Psh I beat zico back on the ps3, took about four hours of practice but it is absolutely attainable.

  • GTA V????? What?
    You realise there's a 100% record speed run that remains competitive to this day around the 8 hour mark?

  • It seems like a common point in "You'll never 100% this game" is beating it without dying once.

  • The binding of Isaac. That game…oh my god the grind.

  • Zeref: it took me 6 years to earn all of the achievement in WoW.

    My dad who want to earn every achievement for all of his characters: hold my beer (and keep it cold till I'm done)

    Seriously. My dad is aiming to earn every achievement in wow, per character. Even if blizzard changed it that achievement is per account instead of per character. (My dad actually hate that blizzard did that and just create a separate list telling what character has what achievement) On top of doing daily task of farming.

  • This title and commentary don’t match. It’s listed as ‘you’ll never 100%’ but then she opens it with ‘if you’ve completed any of these, well done” – so should the title not have been ‘titles you’re unlikely to 100%’?

  • Everquest is another game that is extremely difficult to 100% as well.
    Good thing achievement for that game came out so late imagine if you had to do all the quests and raids going back to when it first went live for 100%.

  • basically most of the currently popular MMO's could be on this list… TESO, Guild Wars 2, FF XIV etc.

  • It took my friend and I months but we 100% finished Super Meat Boy

  • I have zero platinum trophies. Beating every boss is my usual goal on normal difficulty or higher

  • FFIX is one, you cannot 100% it on a single playthrough

  • Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron

    The servers aren't online anymore, so you can't get the online achievements.

    Everyone, please. I beg of you. Pay some respects to that legend of a game 😞

  • I loved doing gta5 100%

  • Spiderman PS4 is by far the easiest Platinum trophy you can go for

  • But can you really 100% a MMORPG? I didn't think so!!!!

  • Rayman Legends is easy. I’m 2 away from the last level and it only took me 4 years 😎

  • easily feels like the most condescending and annoying video ive seen on this channel.

    Her saying "…(and) this is why you wont 100% it" in such a flat and matter of fact way for each number was irritatingly redundant and detached.

    I watch these videos cuz the humor and charm of the presenters. Its frustrating how little humor and even less charm is present in Kirstens videos. the presenters dont write their own material, but only with Kirsten does it routinely feel like im listening to a checklist being read by someone with (AT MOST) a passing idea of the things being talked about

  • Look at Friday the 13th the game. Play as Jason 1313 times….I have been playing that game for YEARS…i have ALL the trophies, expect that one..and Play as Jason 500 times. And I have grinded the holy hell out of that game.

  • What about Fall Guys lol, 'win 5 games in a row'. Not only do the servers lag out, but u have to deal with hackers and a ton of luck! gg tho if u done this.

  • As someone who loves 100% there games this list bothers me

  • I feel like I've been working on The Binding Of Isaac for about a decade 😄

  • Counterintuitively, Wipeout is easier to win races in VR. Makes the game so much more enjoyable.

  • Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, but not for difficulty reasons.
    The game itself is relatively easy to play and beat, provided you know how to build a character, but the challenge lies in the fact that there really isn't a 100% to this game. All you can do is try to obtain all the knowledge(ie, dialog topics and such), collect everything, level yourself to the highest point you can, and complete all various quests and tasks, while also making sure to explore everything and try to kill all enemies. Without any kind of quest tracking or guide, since this game doesn't have that. Seriously, I spent YEARS looking for the Cave of Azura because of how vague directions are in this game, and because I was still young. (Keep in mind, internet guides weren't quite a thing at the time)

  • Super meat boy winner here. (Puffs chest) 😃

  • in Mortal Kombat 2011 there is a trophy/achievement called My Kung Fu Is Stronger. basically what you do is you need to master every character in the game including the secret characters.

  • It's 'Mein Leben' on Wolfenstein.

  • Laughs in flappy bird

  • You could have put ANY of Edmund McMillan's games on here. Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac, The End is Nigh. They're all absolute nightmares to 100%. I love all of his games, I play Binding of Isaac all the time, but I am never getting those perfect achievements. Not happening lol.

  • the moment you realise you have 100% all of them

  • On the xbox version of batman Arkham city got it too 97% and it was fun

  • What is with "Fall Guys"!? Win five matches a row. Good luck with the randomness in this game and in being in team Yellow XD XD XD

  • Getting all non premium vehicles in War Thunder spaded without buying any Golden Eagles. I don't think even people who have been playing since launch in 2012 have done it.

  • Elder scrolls online

  • Final Fantasy X 2 is my will never be 100% game

  • Star ocean 4 try to 100% that

  • And people complain about MK 11 being a grind.

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