10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of September 2020


September was a weird month for gaming news, from Fall Guys surprises to Xbox Series X pre-order goofs. Here’s a list of the craziest.
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41 Responses to “10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of September 2020

  • COD = you're only allowed to look left and right to shoot

  • Okay gameranx, I got to call you out this oneeeee time. Professional players on a console don't automatically get to transfer their muscle memory and skill to mouse and keyboard. Yes, it is superior, and far more accurate, but it is also a time consuming task to train. Claw grip or palm? Do you move your entire arm or just your wrists? Compare that to having your hands in a fixed position with a controller. It's just different.

    Regardless of game title, the meta can be drastically different when you open the precision of a mouse and keyboard. You would need to implement a grace period for players to adapt.

  • "Hands" bwahahahhaha

  • 4:15 Bethesda wishes they could

  • Lmao if they allow MK in cod league the ones use controller will get crush so hard they will break their own thumb.

  • Oh man so many christmases will be ruined with XBOX 1 X instead of SEX

  • I would get a pc for the graphics , y’all really think you’re the only opinion

  • Maybe possibly don’t cheat then everyone is happy

  • The Xbox Series X looks like somewhere you dispose of your cigarette ends.

  • I have a feeling Microsoft is going to have a bit of a class action suit simply for the naming of their consoles. Would be absolutely hilarious if at all possible

  • Damn dude didn't even tell us about September and just jumped right into it.

  • Cod on pc with controller so they can keep they’re bs aim assist

  • Imagine if you could roll around in the Scorpion Chair like a Droideka

  • What's gonna be next Generation of Xbox will be called?

  • LOVE Xbox….but the naming thing is CRAP…LOL

  • You got it wrong about the CDL one

  • Think the scorpion chair is best for racing games innit?

  • Why do people think that older people don’t/can’t play video games

  • I like how with the EA thing they already had ads ON THE RING and then the SAME AD pop up. Like you know how many times peeps are going to read the ad on the ring?

  • Series x isn’t that confusing

  • No Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod jokes. C'mon Highlander!

  • the xbox was on purpose —- its similar to what jensen(nvidia) did with the rtx 3000 series

  • as a competitive controller player previously on playstation, i imagine the controller players wanted a 120 frames a second and less lag and better visuals, all these things majorly affect your gameplay performance. so keyboard and mouse is def not the only reason to switch to pc.

  • it seems lots of kids are getting another xbox one for christmas

  • Doctor: You are pregnant.
    Woman: Really? What is it?
    Doctor: Hmmm a Slayer? o.O

  • Imagine when they delivery that scorpion chair to your house(when you brought one)and it crawls across the lawn and then it knocks on your door, then it greets you like a human being…

  • a console "competitive" mode shooter moving to pc still pushes console controllers to pretend its still connected to console gaming….surprising

  • I don't know what's weirder. People getting confused between the Series X and the One X, or me wanting to deliberately choose to get a One S over the new shit.

    Idk man

  • On no 2. You people are still blind to the fact that all of that went according to plan for EA. They had every intension of creating controversy and pulling the ads. The apology was prescripted because they knew it would "fail". They are running tests on all the lab rates playing the game. The algorithms are gathering data. It's all part of the greater money-making plan. We all so fucked and we "don't even see it coming". It's fuckin coming

  • if they move to pc they can monitor for cheating more effectively

  • That prego-stick wasn't hacked!! It's a clear sign that the lady is giving birth to THE DOOM SLAYER!!!!

  • 55 isn't that old to be good at a game tbh

    don't get me wrong that guys story is really heartwarming and all because I love seeing people doing what they love and getting support but people his age played atari as kids and more than you might expect still enjoy them

  • the scorpion chair is super ugly, way too gigantic, and as someone with ADHD who constantly fidgets it absolutely does NOT look comfortable to me lol

  • And on top of that awesome phone, they used a Sony Erickson! My all time fave phone lol. So i have a bit of a bias 😅. I do agree though, I'd buy that thing in a heartbeat!

  • Cod has controllers and always will because all the pros would lose their job to cs players. Pc is just dominate gaming. Cod fans wouldnt let it go mouse and keyboard

  • Flash games are shite cash grabs its good they are getting rid of them

  • If it's crossplay I'm all for controller only.

  • This man is not the man of culture based on the cdl story

  • With the CDL moving to PC and keeping controllers as a must, I think it might go in the lines of the players have been training with the PS4 controller since the game came out almost a year ago, they practice daily for the game to become part of their muscle memory practically, and almost at the end of the life cycle of MW, to say "alright guys, you've been playing with controller for 11 months, but on one of the last events on this game you must change to M+K" doens't really make sense to anyone

  • Shuttup falcon let games be played with a game pad not mouse and keyboard leave that to nerds

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