20 Underrated Old Hollywood Actresses

Important: Of course there are many more underrated classic actresses, but these are the ones who come to mind when I think of the word underrated. Remember that we all have different opinions, these are only mine.


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27 Responses to “20 Underrated Old Hollywood Actresses

  • Hedyy lamarr há um coisa mais , as demais muito bonitas

  • Underrated in what sense? In terms of acting ability, star quality, beauty, posthumous recognition…? My special mentions would be Jean Simmons and Teresa Wright. Jean was a big star but a seriously undervalued actress. She should have won an Oscar for Angel Face and at least had nominations for Guys And Dolls and Elmer Gantry. Teresa was a wonderfully naturalistic and luminous actress. She got off to a flying start but was ruthlessly sidelined by Hollywood after taking on Goldwyn. She made the best of Hitchcock's heroines, far superior to any of the feted blondes.

  • paulette goddard, underrated ?, i read somewhere that if only one of her movies, ie modern times with sir charles chaplin, had been in colour, her eyes were even more amazing, even for early b/w era, see her in close up, she'd be my #1 on this list, a true natural beauty,, with hedy lamarr and lana turner v close . same reason,..by underated, meaning, some were in big movies, but shame some didnt do more films, , stars of the silver screen, alt title c;


  • Norma Shearer was never underrated she topple all the film her name came 1st even before gable but those actress are very good

  • Few of them not widely as famous but Hedy Lamar,Gene Tierney,Maureen O'Hara to name a few underrated???

  • All these actresses are classic beauties in the 20th Century. Their beauty is subtle yet unmistakable. Actresses in the 21st Century have no subtlety. 20th Century actresses are great actors. Not so much with 21st Century actors.

  • I don’t agree with most of these choices in part because many of them were not underrated at all. I do agree that Barbara Stanwyck, Irene Dunne
    Linda Darnell and Gene Tierney while certainly not forgotten are more underrated than they should be

  • These were not underrated!!

  • wow ! Wow !! WOW !!! . Sheer beauty and incredible talents , in love all over again

  • Beautiful actresses

  • These ladies were great beauties in their heyday and afterward. They were far from underrated.

  • a large percentage of this gorgeous women were not underrated. Who came up with this list?

  • Where’s Donna Reid. She was definitely underrated. She had the total package.
    I loved her performance in “It’s a wonderful Life”.

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  • Joan Crawford? Bette Davis?? This is terrible

  • Was Kim Novak underrated? I feel like she was.

  • They were not underrated. They were GREAT

  • These actresses were certainly NOT underrated!!!!!!!!! They were quite famous in their day!!!!!!!!

  • Too many actresses who are not underrated in this video.

  • I've got to laugh. None of these stars were underated. YOu just listed the most lauded actresses of the last century. Yo're just kidding right. I get it. Very funny.

  • Dolores del Rio

  • Underrated in what way? Looks? Nope, fans? Nope, award nominations? Nope, quality and quantity of films they starred in? Nope….I can't figure out the title of this vid. Norma Shearer was the biggest female star of the 30s and Stanwyk took over that mantle in the 40s. O'Hara was loved by just about everybody in the business. Tierney, Charisse, Crain, Oberon, Del Rio, and Goddard were hailed for their beauty, with Lamarr being labeled by many directors of the time as the most beautiful woman ever filmed. So, color me stumped.

  • A lovely tribute. How can we forget these wonderful actresses. Thank you!

  • Merle Oberon had her career drastically disrupted by her limo driver who crash the car and injured her severely injured and 1937's I, Claudius was never completed!

  • Elles étaient toutes sublimes.

  • As a child these STARLETS inspired my femminity, earlier sexy that was not raunchy.proof my photo's

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