8 More Video Games That Are Impossible For Newcomers


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Intense video games for hardcore players only.

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25 Responses to “8 More Video Games That Are Impossible For Newcomers

  • I’d disagree with Monster Hunter. The game itself is really tough till it “clicks”, but the community is stellar. I’ve met so many awesome hunters willing to Sherpa newer players who won’t just body the monster for you. Capcom also rewards hunters for helping lower level players with tons of gold, making it worth the time even for people who don’t care about helping others (they’ll probably just merc the monster before you find it though lol). Anyone who doubts can look at Hey Jay Plays. He hated monster hunter until the community got behind him to encourage him to get better and now he loves it. Check his vids out! Watching him grow as a hunter has been an awesome nostalgia journey.

  • Sometimes I can’t believe I used to play league. I feel such shame…

  • Hey! Monster Hunter World isn't that difficult for a newbie to get into! (says someone who is a major fan of the series who's played every game to date except MH3)

  • Overwatch in 2021 can be a doozy for new players.

  • Warframe deserves to be on one of these lists FOR SURE. The game feels completely inscrutable.

  • I have never hear of these games.

  • I never beat the driver tutorial,but on disc 2 the free roam mode was madddd fun

  • Frigging ark……

  • Toxic players is in every online game. For example i play WoT almost since the release. First few 2 – 4 years its good, now your teammate shoot you, block you or stick out of your position. Game is good community not so much.

  • What about arma 3

  • Star Wars Squadrons for sure.

  • The driver tutorial can kiss my ass. Took me 3 days. THREE DAYS JULES

  • i would add world of tanks
    not because its impossible for newcomer
    but this game more like hard to master
    imagine there's more than 200 tanks with different armor, guns speed playstyle etc
    u need to understand ur tanks and enemy tanks in a battle
    some new players expect the game as running and gunning like COD

  • Arma 3 can be a bit rough tbh

  • I play DOTA2 and I admit when I first got in to it, there was no patience from any of the players. The moment they found out I was a woman, all bets were off. It was completely disgusting. I am not new to video games so I know there are a lot of players who seem to think girls can't play, but this was worse. I found the best way to shut them up, was to kick the stuffing out of them in game.

  • Ace Combat is pretty brutal if you try online before story, any sports game that has an ultimate team style setup is going to be a massive pain in the arse to get into, but really it's the Paradox games surely, especially EU4 and HOI4

  • Out of all the MOBA games I’ve played, I can honestly say there was only one game that I actually had fun play with random players. That is how bad the MOBA community is.

  • May as well throw Sea of Thieves in there too. It's not a particularly difficult game but what makes it impossible is that every other player is an asshole. Random crews are unreliable at best and will outright betray you for laughs at the worst. The only way to get any enjoyment out of this game is to already have about 5 other friends who play. that's enough to crew two brigs which should be a big enough armada to scare away other players and bring down all the baddies, some of which are incredibly hard. Hell, most players aren't even aware that there's a main questline in Sea of Thieves and nobody i've played with has ever completed it. Not saying it hasn't been done, just saying no one i know has done it. You're also going to need to have your whole crew together to do everything which means you have to coordinate beforehand and maybe set up a fixed day of the week and time of day for everyone to meet up and play. Needless to say, this is a lot of hassle and most new players aren't going to put in that kind of time and effort.

  • Ohhhhh driver hahahaha

  • Regarding MHW, I've found myself playing hours and hours with the same crew of strangers as we each farm for our next armor or weapon. We never even say a word unless you count the "Good Hunt" or "Nice hunting" emotes that stand in for goodbyes. There's so much online on the game that you don't really need that much in support in game if you do your homework. Besides we're hunting monsters here, no time for on the job training 😀. Great video Julz

  • I’m surprised World of WarCraft never gets a mention. I’ve been playing that game for well over 6 years and still learning how to play the game

  • Apologies if this was on the originial vid but: Europa Universalis IV. Once you get past those initially ridiculously confusing hours it becomes an incredible game for anyone who is remotely interested in history.

  • Having played almost all…

    Tarkov is by a long shot #1 in difficulty. Even when experienced the struggle is endless.

  • Hunt is the best

  • Nah MHW is trash, menu hell and archaic gameplay that needs updated.

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