9 Truly Disturbing Fates Hidden In Video Games


Everyone remembers their first Harvest Moon massacre.

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Download 9 Truly Disturbing Fates Hidden In Video Games from here

38 Responses to “9 Truly Disturbing Fates Hidden In Video Games

  • How about the orcs and olog s from the. Mordor series. They have their brains rewritten in secinds

  • Did Ash sound deeper in this episode or is it just me?

  • “Ah, Gary!”

  • In Blasphemous, except that everyone there is suffering, you can find a woman named Socorro, that had pity of the criminals that were arrested and tortured everytime, so the miracle made her suffer for everyone in the world, by putting her into a structure were she was tied and being slashed, whipped, beaten, starving, tortured and burned eternally.

  • Number 10: The frozen corpses of multiple characters littered around Queen Vanessa's Manor in A Hat In Time.

  • The civilians in Spec Ops the Line had a pretty bad end

  • What about the soul gems in The Elder Scrolls? There is a real in game lore discussion about the inherent immorality on sould trapping beings of consciousness and utilizing their souls for enchanting, specially weapons.
    There is a real possibility that they might still be conscious. Imagine yourself being killed and have your consciousness imbued in a weapon repeatedly used to murder other people and animals.

  • The first dishonored game when you poison the hatter gangs boot leg health tonic operation

  • People of Solstheim actually work only when they sleep and would stop working when they finished enslaving the Stones

  • …I accidentally killed the mayor at the beginning of harvest moon ds if you don’t help him your dog literally murders the dude

  • Makes me wonder if Ash recorded this VO after a heavy night out…

  • You forgot the suffering omg has anyone ever played it???

  • The gun Smith in Rhodes in Red Dead 2. He has a secret in his basement that if you don't ever go to the right of the building, you'd miss it. So disturbing

  • There's a boss in labyrinth of refrain, when she lost against your team she gets taken away by a bunch of gnomes. If you stick around and wander the map the second time, you'll find a strong human ridden by some gnomes. When you kill it, the human horse will speak a bit before dying. Dig abit more and you'll find out that human you killed just now was the boss of the map, who was lobotomized into a being smart enough to just walk. Like those horse.

  • MGS: Ghost Babel was just "Metal Gear Solid" on Gameboy Color. Great game

  • I think the child corpses and the story you uncover about the mass murder/suicide of the Dragon Cult in Forelholst is worse than a few hypnotised workers on Solstheim.

  • Splicers – you wanted first to just "fix" or "change" something in you or just play with superpowers. Then – you had to splice more to survive civil war. If you survived, you are so spliced, that your mind, body and everything that is you – is gone. All you think about is to find kill Little Sister, even straight up over the bodies of other ex-people

  • The flood in Halo. The screeching sound they make is the infected person screaming, still alive and in pain inside a body they no longer have control over.

  • Isolation sounds like Stark in Endgame.

  • I liked the journal in original resi, detailing a guys degeneration in the Spencer mansion tasty tasty.

  • A few other disturbing fates:
    Guardians (Dead Space series): they’re humans that are basically merged with the necromorph biomass. Thing is the human brain is still alive through the process and they can still feel pain. Yeah, those screams you hear while fighting them are from the conscious human part screaming in agony.

    Revenant (Doom 2016): living human test subjects are bombarded with Argent Energy till their bones expand and tears free of their flesh. They’re still alive and conscious through the transformation.

  • The people in the underworld of Taris in the first KOTOR game. They have no clue what's going on in the upper and lower cities, they have to deal with what is essentially a zombie outbreak, and even if you decide to give them hope that there is a way to get to some mysterious Paradise down there they all die anyway because the Sith destroy the entire planet. It sucks for everyone on Taris of course, but I remember the first time I played the game and tried so hard to help them and do all the "right" things only for the planet to blow up and it devastated me.

  • How about how most of Hyrule was slaughtered during Ganons take over in BOTW

  • Drifting into oblivion with limited supplies sounds like one of the better ways to leave existence imo.

  • LOU2 – the group of people in Hillcrest who Boris locked in the garage which had spores in, they would have all got infected and turned on each other gradually.

  • Sweet I missed ash havent seen her in a bit

  • How about being a female NPC in any Duke Nukem game?

  • Thaddius from Naxxramas in World of Warcraft. A massive construct of bodies stitched together. That's pretty par for the course for the Scourge until you realize that Thaddius was specifically created from the corpses of women and children and their souls are still trapped inside the abomination. If that wasn't bad enough, you later realize that the screams of agony and distant cries "please, help me!" and "someone, save us!" you've been hearing since entering the area are from the souls trapped inside of Thaddius.

  • #2- Cult ending

  • Top 10 Video games where season one better than season two

  • Plant people reminds me of the people turned into pod people in Wasteland 2. They seemed to be suffering quite a lot.

  • The Mutants from Bulletstorm weren't all scumbag convicts…

  • Cremia and her little sister on the final day of Majoras mask if you don't stop the moon from falling would be on my list

  • Ash!! You are disturbingly fine…especially your voice 😍

  • Fable 2, there's a Hobbe cave and a series of letters from a small child that was kidnapped, only instead of eating the kid as usual, the Hobbe's adopt him. The letters continue through adulthood, they are very disturbing, but easy to miss/skip, the now adult who's been eating/killing/kidnapping other humans all his life is one of last enemies of the cave.

  • Since Skyrim was mentioned, I'm gonna just drop this one in here…the wraiths you have to fight in Meridia's Temple during her respective Daedric Quest. Slain only to be resurrected as an enslaved wraith in order to carry out someone else's agenda? No thanks! x.x At least those enslaved by Miraak (presumably) will find some sort of peaceful death…then there's the enslaved spirits inside Halldir's Cairn and Rannveig's Fast…Skyrim has some truly messed-up fates worse than death e.e

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