Acer W700 Gaming – Skyrim

Thanks for 10k+ views! Your support helps me alot, you guys are awsome 🙂
This is me playing skyrim on my Acer W700 with intel core i5 and intel HD 4000 and 4gb ram. If you have any questions or if you want me to try another game just comment 🙂

Download Acer W700 Gaming – Skyrim from here

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  • At me at start shows an error and does not start((  "failed to initialize renderer. Unknown error creating the renderer"   What to do??

  • should i get it in 2017??? and hows the battery playing skirm??

  • это i3 или i5 процесор?

  • test league of legends plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Resolution – 1366×768
    of course that will not fail on average

  • Can you test final fantasy 14: a realm reborn? I will greatly appreciate it 🙂

  • are you on the dock, and are you using the keyboard or a controller?

  • lol 3:36 dog T-Baggin

  • Alot of request of Dota 2,so thats what I will test 🙂
    Video will be out as soon as I get it and record everything 🙂
    Thanks for your support everyone! Make sure to like and subscribe for more 🙂

  • dota 2 would be amazing contact me if you need a key

  • In the video my tablet was not suffering from throttle, as it does now…
    But I can still play the game with same res as in the video but on low-med settings with about 20-25fps

    I dont know why you cant play it on so low res but…
    1. Check if you have any programs running in the background taking much cpu power, shut them down
    2. Same as 1.but programs that takes ram
    3. Update to newes intel hd 4000 and the cpu(i5) drivers
    4. Use razer game booster,it will delete files that slows the machine

  • Will do so in the next coming weeks 🙂 Hopefully not to long 🙂

  • Hi, I will try that!:)

  • i have the same unit myself, and i have to ask how the fick you set it up for gaming like that, mine can barely run skyrim on 800×600, so what am i doing worng ?

  • i would like you to test assassins creed 2

  • I was seriously looking at the surface pro before I spotted this model today on Amazon.

    I'm sold with the dock that comes with it.

  • please test dota 2

  • yep, I mean how do I know if I want to spend money on a game that I have never tried, so yeah more demos would be awsome 🙂

  • I have, now..dont worry 😉 I only download to test, I cant find any demo so I have to, but if I like it I buy it 🙂

  • there is already another user who uploaded a video of that 🙂 I dont have money to buy World Of Worldcraft account( I heard its a must)

  • Please test World of WarCraft on acer iconia w7 =3

  • I have the w510.. 10 inch atom version of the w700.. I would love to sell it and get the w700 but why the heck doesn't the w700 have the same type of keyboard/battery dock? I know the newer version of the w700 has the keyboard case thing.. but far from the dock with keyboard/battery and touchpad that the w510 has.. that would make the w700 the best of every world at least at this time! with a realistic battery life of an ultrabook 13 hours and as tablet at 8…

  • No, I use torrents 🙂 if you want help anout this PM me 🙂

  • Hi, I dont really know what you are asking for but… I used a wireless reciver connected via usb, and that makes it able for me to connect up to four xbox360 controllers wireless 🙂 And for buttons, most new games (2011 and up) has pre configured xbox360 controller mappings, so its just plug and play 🙂 Or if you want you can of course tweak it a bit to make it after your likings 🙂 If I missed anything please tell me 🙂

  • hiya, I have the core i5 version of this tablet, sorry if this question seems a bit simple, but how do I go about loading games like skyrim onto the tablet?, would I have to use steam?

  • i just ordered this tablet this morning before seeing this video. Now, i think i want two. *drools

  • yeah look nice, the only downside is that thing get alot more expensive here in sweden…the Razor edge will most propably have the same price tag as the samsung smart pc pro(or more expensive) and the samsung smart pc pro cost about 2200$ in sweden, Im not lying its insane the Acer W700 has an affordable price tag here atleast(1200$), otherwise I would have gone for the edge just for the gaming 😛

  • @SeriousFrank1 I know, when I first saw the video I laughed my ass off, must be the canera angel I guess cuz it definetly doesnt look like that irl lolz xD

  • Your finger looks skinny like a Stylus 😀

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