Amazing DIY Android Powered Handheld Console. Emulation,Cloud Gaming,Android Gaming

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In this video I put together an Android-powered Handheld console that will perform better than the remade handheld on the market today like the Retroid Pocket 2, RG350, RK2020 and the only thing we will be sacrificing is the form factor but I can personally overlook this because the games I like playing run at full speed like PSP, Dreamcast, NDS, PS1, Sega Saturn and it even plays some Gamecube games at full speed using Dolphin MMJ!
This set up is also great for native android gaming with games like Minecraft real racing 3 asphalt and many more plus this device has built-in AC wifi so cloud gaming performance is also outstanding using apps like Stadia, Geforce Now, and even Project iCloud!

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Download Amazing DIY Android Powered Handheld Console. Emulation,Cloud Gaming,Android Gaming from here

22 Responses to “Amazing DIY Android Powered Handheld Console. Emulation,Cloud Gaming,Android Gaming

  • So if I was just gonna play emulators on android phone, I would love to have dolphin that works with GameCube and Wii well. Which phone would you recommend?

  • Kindly tell me what App do you use to have your homescreen in landscape mode?

  • What do you do with all of these devices? Give em away to your followers, starting with me!

  • Pretty cool

  • Can you please tell me how you got that background on the phone??

  • does this really work.. won't boost mobile charge you for not activating the phone?

  • Hi, which controller do you recommand for the black shark 3 please? Because all of the best controllers are too small for this phone (168,7mm)… :c

  • Does anyone know the name Of the Android App to turn your smartphone interface into an Android TV? Thx!

  • Performance looks good but what about the input latency? That is something that's so important for so many games.

  • any input lag with the controller over blue tooth

  • cant find sataki controller 7007x

  • Where can I download Android TV launcher ?

  • What emulator you use.

  • this is cool. i just dont want to pair a controller to a phone every time i want to play. which is one of the selling points of the retroid pocket 2 for me

  • Can anyone tell me what is the cheapest phone that runs 64bit android? I don't care how crappy the phone is.

  • That is great price for a phone.

  • So I have a question: What is the benefit of a Raspberry Pi4 over this for emulation? Is it the fact that you can hook it up to your tv? Or connect 4 controllers to it? Or is it that it launches straight into a console intro in Retropie? I ask because it seems this is outperforming the Pi4 for the same price, but it's portable and I'm about to purchase a pi4b 2gb kit.

  • Sir can you Review Poco X3 the price and specs are so Great. I hope you review that God bless

  • what is the website your using at the two min mark with the dragon ball shows?

  • I recently made a handheld out of my old Samsung Note 4 with Saitake 7007F. I see there are several emulator frontends for Android. RetroX, Pegasus, Dig, Arc Browser, RetroFE and Reset Collection. A video comparing these (paid or free) would be great. Is there one you prefer? I'm more interested in the free ones.

  • I wonder if there's usb c controllers with expandable storage included?

  • Hi, I like your videos, great work.
    For the sataki controller, I was not able to find it on German Amazon or Aliexpress. Could you may post a link for that controller on aliexpress as well? Or maybe some else could help?

    I had a similar controller from ipega, but it was a real bad experience.

    Thanks in advance.

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