Bad Roomies (Trailer)

A dark comedy about two guys who need a new roommate and settle on a seemingly harmless but beautiful girl. Jealousy and bad decisions begin a hilarious yet disastrous game of roommate vs. roommate that will change their lives forever.

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4 Responses to “Bad Roomies (Trailer)

  • This movie was fucking garbage!

  • you see this is what every one is looking for, in the discontents of civilization we want pleasure leisure. poor, rich middle. lots of drugs and get lost, now supposedly all this are taboo, every time i try to speak t a woman on the streets results that i end up as a pervert, or disrespectful at least, in america all this about sex openly is prohibited, or into a relation of certain morals, at the end of the other side we find that most programs of t.v. and movies induce to sex and drugs, alcohol is a drug too, and now all that is not allowed.
    and what do i get to see all day on the streets every day in a bunch of hypocrites

  • You're killing me smalls

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