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Bollywood Actresses in Backless Dresses
If you think about a women’s anatomy and her most alluring and sensuous parts, the first that comes to mind are cleavage, hips, and legs; but there are other underrated parts such as the back, hands, and ankles, which are incredibly attractive if a woman takes proper care of them. Choosing to expose the back rather than the cleavage is less scandalous and at the same time incredibly attractive. In the same way, a woman with a black thread or a tattoo in the ankle area looks very alluring. But, a woman’s back is said to be one of the most alluring parts of her body, so exposing it can be very enticing. I have prepared a list of Indian women who have pretty backs and these backs are sometimes prettier than their face! Why the back? It’s sexy, suggestive, yet subtle and mysterious.
A backless dress can be sexier and more alluring that showing too much cleavage in the same way that men used to go crazy when they saw a woman’s ankle.
Mallika Sherawat: To say the truth, I think Mallika Sherawat’s back is much more attractive than her face.
Sushmita Sen’s back is really hot.
Kangana Ranaut
Kashmira Shah doing here! Anyways, again in this case, the back looks much more “better”.
Tanushree Dutta: career is in “bad shape” but back is in “better shape.” It seems she dusted some silver substance on her back
Celina Jaitley: yay! she can’t do horrible makeup of her back, so it is looking really attractive
Priyanka Chopra’s back…
Deepika’s back: lengthy back…
Katrina Kaif’s back
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