Brother Sun, Sister Moon – Trailer

Director Franco Zeffirelli’s Brother Sun, Sister Moon focuses on the early years of Francis of Assisi, who sought communion with the natural world by renouncing his family’s riches to seek his own destiny unencombered by material possessions.

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  • Last night this movie saved me. Netflix had recommended a movie about a woman who was demonically possessed. I started watching it and started to get depressed. Then out of nowhere I shut it off and remembered that I owned Brother Sun Sister Moon, but hadn't seen it in years. I started watching it instead and soon I found myself crying and sobbing. The purity, innocence, light, and beauty of this movie lifted my spirit and I was overwhelmed with a great joy. I feel better today than I have in months. 
    We are being bombarded 24/7 with fear and the demonically possessed are everywhere in MSM, government, and the arts. I will no longer participate in their dark game and brainwashing. I am changing the type of movies I watch and what type of music I listen. I just bought the soundtrack to this wonderful film and am listening to Donovan sing the beautiful songs he wrote for this film. We will get through this folks. Focus on light, not darkness and you will see a BIG change in your life.

  • 愛されるよりは愛したい / i want to love rather than be loved.

  • Most Beautiful movie for all seasons !

  • What a perfect time to make this movie. 1972. Just when they were fooling everyone with their new fake novus ordo "mass"…. they needed a propaganda movie like this, which is otherwise excellent if you know what is now going on.

  • Addio, Master of Beauty

  • A true artist. Thank you, Franco Zeffirelli.

  • What an awesome film.  Often wonder what became of Graham Faulkner?  As for Judi Bowker …. who didn't have a crush on her in the 70's?

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