Asus G73Jh-A2 and G73JH-A2 notebook review, Intel Core I7-720qm, 8gb ddr3, 1TB 7200rpm, ATI Radeon HD 5870, DVDRW, 17.3″ FHD LED (1920X1080), Windows 7,
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  • will those same issues be around with the new drivers at this time? becuase the laptop now at frys costs about 600dlls is it worth the money? ( the blu ray version)

  • Does this have 3d? ….like can you watch 3d movies on it and turn 2d into 3d? Please reply

  • anyone who buys a JH or JW at this time and not an SW model is a complete moron, they are full of bugs, hardware errors and so on. You're just asking for trouble. Go check out the forums on and see what I mean. G73SW-A1 is where it's at. You may save money buying one of these instead but it will hurt your wallet and patience in the long run.

  • Would I be able to run Arma II?

  • I have this exact notebook.
    It's touchpad is SHIT, even with updated bios, vbios.

    Don't expect much mobility from this laptop – you will need to carry a mouse around.

  • I like the review, but I must say, you sound like the bat from Anastasia . . I think his name was Bartok.

  • @Firebll Thank you.

  • @21972069450471 yes it would be Fn +F9 I have the G73

  • hej guys i just buyed the Asus g73sw 3de and i cant wait untill it comes to my buidling 😉 i need to know if there are no issues or coalitions if i install 30 of the most elite games like starcraft2, gta4, fragon age 2 and so on…so what kind of problems can happen if i do something like that?…years ago i remeber my self playing in some old pc and i could only play 1 game…and i haved to close every aplication that was open ;/ do you think any of this will happen with this beauty from Asus?

  • how bout the x3, x5 what r the differences i keep hearing about those?

  • @driftapex Thanks for the reply, I might just wait for the G53SW that has the second generation core i7

  • So im thinking of buying the G53jw…..does anybody know of any problems that have been found with it? And please dont tell me how hard it is to access the hard drives or ram slots….i already know that thanks. 🙂

  • @driftapex Is the G53JW good for school? I know its probably heavy and have low battery life but should it suffice?

  • @Phattso90 thanks man

  • @21972069450471 yes

  • Does it come with a "Touch Pad disable button" or something similar?

  • If the A1, A2 and A3 are discontinued, and the B1 is the new model.. Does this mean that the old models are worse than the B1 by a significant amount?

  • The G73-A1 comes with a razor mouse and backpack; do you know if the G73-Xa1 does?

  • In my opinion i like the glossy look of asus g72gx laptop or hp laptops

  • @BToTech1 good laptop, but design looks bad, really bad like a toy, honestly

  • this is such an amazing laptop, I just wish I could take full advantage of this baby.

  • does the g73-B1 have any accessories? im trying to get it at ebay

  • Wait…. So this doesnt come with the ability to connect to a Wireless connection from factory?!!??

  • @RikuTani all 3 version are discontinued. asus g73jh-b1 is current

  • What is the difference between a1 a2 and a3?

  • @pbk718 it is kind of hard to help you here. If you want help with your issues check out our forums btoforums,com

  • @sooietube not much better a very small improvement however it is destined to have wireless hdmi display.

  • @BToTech1 The driver IS from their own website. The one from ATI wouldn't even install. Although I have to say it was not something I am used to due to the fact that I usually deal with desktops I make myself, which have no issues with vanilla drivers. But after using this for a while i've come to the conclusion the biggest anoyance is with the buggy trackpad. It's practicaly got a mind of it's own. Yea, yea, i'm using an external mouse now. Doesn't negate the fault however.

  • @pbk718 i must say the probem you describe is caused by you updating the video driver. right now the only stable version is the one that comes with it. asus is working on a newer version

  • @639426 yes it does. our website does say this in the specs

  • @XystanceX187 yes~!

  • @xdtnx my thoughts exactly first time i opened it

  • @sooietube g73jw end of september. this g73jh came out in feb

  • @BToTech1 wats the cost?

  • I heard the asus a2 has Bluetooth can
    someone please confirm if it does? but still I can't wait to buy this gaming machine

  • can you give it to me

  • @BToTech1 hands down g73, when the dell goes out of date the g73 will still be ok haha.

  • Forgot to mention – this laptop restricts viewing angle due hardware design. I.e. the screen can be pushed back only a minor amount before it's blocked. My older Dell could go a full 180. Not that I used it at that angle but it gave be great leeway in usage in different positions.

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