Chiliad – Gaming's Greatest Mystery

Grand Theft Auto 5’s Mount Chiliad has been a mysterious location since the game’s launch in 2013. However, over the years the mystery of Mount Chiliad has only expanded and gotten bigger with new discoveries and updates by Rockstar Games. Today, the Mount Chiliad Mystery continues to puzzle players and has even worked its was into Red Dead Redemption 2. Recent months have seen new theories emerge and the community has made some of the most startling discoveries yet. Thus, today we’ll be talking about the never-ending Mystery of Grand Theft Auto 5’s Mount Chiliad.

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  • This was a bit of a side project that took a tiny tad longer than expected to finish (oof). Next video will probably be Skyrim (or maybe Fallout 4).

    Some Notes –
    A huge shoutout it owed to r/chiliadmystery, the Subreddit where most of the community had congregated to investigate. If you’re interested, I highly encourage you check it out to learn more. They have some great resources for beginners!

    Game file gurus also did incredible work thus far and are responsible for the majority of our recent discoveries, give their YouTube channel a subscription and website a peek as they’ll surely be the first folks with any updates.

    I was unable to fit every single Chiliad-related secret/theory/mystery into this video. We left out a bit such as the Infinite 8 man, the Ghost of Vinewood, etc. This video will however fill you in on all the basics and our most recent finds!

  • im really liking the new video format, keep up the good work

  • But i managed to do the Bigfoot mission / side quest even though I hadn't fully completed the game. So im supre confused about that part.

  • What a game GTA V is.
    Most people are getting sick of it, but if you ignore the online, and just pay attention to details while messing around in single player, you quickly realize that this is one of the greatest and most amazing games ever made in the history of the human race.

  • The extra "ah" you put at the end of half the words you speak is bloody annoying as shit.

  • maybe the rock formation on rd 2 on mount chan can tell you something like a time or something

  • 13:28 I can respect the stutter

  • I get chills at the end of each sentence

  • the voice of sasquatch in rdr1 sounds like the zombie in half life 2

  • his voice be like: realm-aaaaa, location-aaa, 12am-aaa, UFO-aaa, home-aaaaaaa

  • you should look at the story of scp-1000

  • Alert!! This is 1 hour not to the point video

  • When creating your 2nd character to play online you can make it so that the father of character is John Marston from RDR

  • Paradime*** paradigm

  • You thought the game was all about stealing cars; running people over on sidewalks; and killing hookers.

    You were wrong.

  • Honestly I believe that everything that has to do with the mystery was a side mission that was cut from the game but somethings were left in the game. But I could be wrong.

  • This dude out of breath with each sentence.

  • 4:44 which was also featured in GTA San Anreyasuh haha

  • I figured it out…

    It's ALWAYS been a teaser for the location of the next GTA location. Think about…

  • Ah yes alien eggs are well known for containing supplies to produce firearms

  • The fort zancudo ufo has the same looking cockpit of the b-2 stealth bomber its a military ufo

  • Maybe Mount Chiliad is a renamed Mount Shann

  • Yo Nate are you from Syracuse New York?

  • you have a horrible voice

  • Someone probably already said this, but the military base alien mission that you showed at the end, is playable now as of the week of Halloween 2020 at times from 7pm – 4am in game time. NOTE: time may not be accurate but the mission is a BUSINESS battle in free mode.

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