Debate: Has the #MeToo Movement Gone Too Far?

Germaine Greer joins Melanie Phillips, Baroness Helena Kennedy and Sophie Walker to debate one of largest and the most important movements of the 21st Century. In association with the New York Times.

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27 Responses to “Debate: Has the #MeToo Movement Gone Too Far?

  • Melanie and germaine were so much better

  • Hollywood is different than other industries. You can't just "go get a job somewhere else" when you're sexually harassed. Also women shouldn't have to do that. Weinstein made or broke women's careers based on what they would do. He also owned the industry. So they had to choose to give up all the years they'd worked for this by saying no. If they could say no, because he often forced himself on them and it was rape. It also unfair to say that because a woman has been sexually assaulted, she can't wear a sexy dress and own/reclaim her sexuality. Should all rape survivors run around in turtlenecks, in shame and hiding?

  • 1:37:00 That last question explains the vote, I guess.. Completely missed Melanie's point.
    The low number of proven false rape allegations doesn't justify removing the presumption of innocence or lowering the burden of proof.
    Is it okay to lock up all accused because probably only 4% of them will be wrongly convicted??
    If not, then don't they also deserve due legal process?

  • I like cats the most. More cats.

  • Sorry, but I don't think women are so weak they require twitter censorship to be OK. I think most women can operate JUST FINE on the internet as an area of absolute free speech, without special rules or coddling.
    And they can also create algorithms, fwiw.
    But what a lack of confidence she has in the resilience and common sense of her own sex.
    Men can handle internet trolls, but women can't…- wtf?

  • 13:00 "Seduced them, then dumped them"- I thought this was about sexual assault.
    Getting ghosted after having sex with someone is not the same thing.
    Boo-hoo it sucks to get played or dumped. Doesnt make it rape.

  • Have men, under the guise of religion, have gone too far? Of course they have.

  • This is a good video as men we need to do better we need to stop being perverts i no it is hard and we need to stop flirting to every girl we see we need to stay in side and think about how to change our personality many men and my self we need to do better girls deserve to be treated with respect i no it is hard men that do wrong need to change there personality

  • In my opinion, no. This is just the begining 😉

  • This debate was valuable. I agree with Melanie 80% and Kennedy 20%, can’t stand the victim card and oppression as collateral not to take responsibility. However, doing the right thing comes at a price, and the price women have paid in their careers has been high, that’s what I think Melanie missed. Collaboration was the only real point Germaine gave of value, that I think Kennedy got and spoke too. Sophie however, is exactly the forceful conformist stating opinion as fact I was can’t tolerate and provided no workable solution. We have a bunch of young guys who have no idea how to be men. But in my world the improvement in mutual respect is such a credit to young people of today.

  • Pornography can also give women unrealistic expectations. Not all men are 10 inches long and not all can remain perfectly erect for two hours straight.

  • What if a woman "coerces" a man to do sexual things he does not want to do? What if a man and woman start with consensual sex and the woman wants anal but the man does not want to participate? If he gives in just to prevent a fight or something then has the woman raped the man?

  • #metoo hasn't gone far enough, it has only scratched the surface

  • I never thought I'd see Germaine Greer defending men. Haha. My, my how the world has changed.

  • Came here for Germaine Greer, fell in love with Melanie Phillips.

  • 1:19:50 very clever doublespeak here. it isnt "mens reputations vs womens experience" its one persons words against another, in which case the fallout at the very LEAST is reputation, but has in many cases ended in actuality in financial ruin and/or suicide of the accused.

    It's a clever way of saying Im female my accusation is worth more than your pleas of innocence. AKA "believe women".. what reason would this massive group of humans have to lie or harbor toxic sociopaths?

  • Once Greer talked about the 1 in 5 discredited drivel, I stopped watching

  • Women's movement is just a hatred toward men! I am disappointed in many women in leadership positions! Most are far left and their propositions undermine American values!

  • 55:50, does anyone care to elaborate on what she means by this? Yes the internet was built BY men, but FOR men? Is she implying that the internet would somehow look different had it been built by women? Cause, uh, how is that not sexist?

  • 50:30, that's called equality lady.

  • what I don't like about #metoo is that paints women as helpless victims with no agency, instead of empowering women to stand up for themselves and make their wishes known. The same with domestic violence. I understand how difficult it is to leave an abusive relationship, but instead of telling women constantly that they are victims and there is nothing to be done, we should teach young women to pick better partners, be independent and identify red flags. Sadly, many women who have been in abusive relationships have a pattern, and many other women willingly get into relationships with men who have a history of being abusive, because they think they it will be different with them. Let's start with changing ourselves, and stop rewarding appalling behaviour from men.

  • Germaine and Melanie are so brilliant!People abuse the word of political correct far too easily.And yes like always,compared with truly care and seek for the essence of a very complex problem, simple minded laud slogen always win,sadly…..And the conversation can simply hardly run,when one side so lack of fundemental commen sense,as always surprisingly,commen sense no commen…..

  • This which hunt is way worst then I thought. Look at the Brett Kavanaugh hearing bitches. Join the slut walks. All claims of gang rape and the only thing that saved his life was his journaling. So we men know the #me too movement know it's all a witch hunt. A scam like alimony. And we both know you're third way movement is a false ideology along with feminazist.

  • How does a man know if his advances are unwanted unless he makes them?

  • She calls herself a lawyer yet she advocates to lower the burden of proof because of gender pay gap and patriarchy. I wonder how she'd defend her sons knowing that the accuser is not required to provide evidence.

  • About 40% of all domestic abuse cases are caused by women against men it is almost dead even

  • After skipping the fourth woman's speech, I followed some of the questions and the third woman seated on the panel said something interesting, again from a hominist perspective. She said I hope men would start calling out other men when harassment happens. Yes, but as a hominist, I also hope that women would start calling out other women: calling out other women who paint their faces; calling out other women who sexualize their bodies; calling out other women who date and marry older men for social status and money; calling out other women who sell their bodies in exchange for money in one form or another (and that includes upscale dating and upgrade marriage); calling out other women who post nude selfies of themselves; calling out other women who star in sexist films like "Pretty Woman" and "Beauty and the Beast" and "Indecent Proposal" and the latest, "Hustlers" and calling out other women when they flutter their tongues or writhe their bodies around poles during Super Bowl halftime with the largest audience of males, both young and old, of the year.

    So ladies, whether you are feminist or not, CALL OUT OTHER WOMEN. Until you do, they will never change their sexist and toxic behaviors.

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