Ep2: Gamer Girls vs. Girl Gamers



In this video I discuss the concept of the “Gamer Girl/Girl Gamer”; get generally confused with the differences when saying them both myself, but delve into the effects it can have on impressionable young girls and boys, do a few skits about the first thing that comes to my mind with the topic and just generally chat away the only way I know how.

This is my first proper video apart from a horrific intro I deleted; so some feedback, and questions would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to making more!

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31 Responses to “Ep2: Gamer Girls vs. Girl Gamers

  • Peep the xbox 360 controller 1:00

  • WAIT!!! A lady friend whom doesn't use her sexuality (sex appeal) for a quick cash grab while pretending to be a gamer!? Thought I'd never see the day. Down to earth. Great personality. Since of humor. Morales. Self respect. Yup, I'm subscribing.😆Being easy on the eyes is just an added bonus. Thanx for just being YOU & not over sexualized eye candy for a quick buck. Great vid.✌😊

  • I’m a gamer, ok? My gender has nothing to do with it. I’m also a woman for the record so girl should be no where in the title.

  • Girl gamers are legit gamers that are female because of the fewer amounts of female gamers. Gamer girls is the term of e girls or tots hiding behind "im a gamer"

  • It's the iced finger that does it for me

  • "girl gamers" and "boy gamers" or w.e tf should just be called gamers. if your a girl and u play games, just ignore the fakers. its that simple.

  • I am a simple man, I hear "not all like that" and i leave.

  • no offence ,but your eyebrows…

  • u r a fake bitch too :/ so stop insulting ur family baby :3

  • I agree with you all the way up until call of duty, call of duty is the shit! I play a lot of other games but primary Cod… cod is dope.

  • That part about young girls playing video games to impress a guy made me remember when I was like 10 and had a massive crush on a guy who loved CoD so I tried playing it with him but ended failing miserably and blamed it on my hands shaking from being cold. The rest of that year I would have my brother play on my account and I'd talk to the guy I liked and claimed it was me claiming… He found out during summer and refused to talk to me ever since.

  • as a girl who plays video games, i don't like to be called "girl gamer" and/or "gamer girl" i just prefer to be called a gamer. now im not one of those girls who are like "you cant choose if your a guy or a girl that is sexist" tbh idc if i play as a guy in a video games i actually normally play as a guy in a video game. but i dont get why we are called girl gamer or gamer girls…. My point is just call me a gamer

  • Anyone els get chills from Marcus "Dom where are you going!"

  • you are the best person because you and i have the same perspective of COD not that good

  • do you have twitch?

  • I thought I was the only one who doesn't hail COD. Thank youu

  • KillZone on Ps2 was a pretty awesome game. One of my favourites as well as the red star. And also whenever she was talking was I the only one who kept looking at the gears of war games? I think I have an addiction with them

  • I play COD and FIFA 16

  • You don't like COD!!!!!!WTF who doesn't like COD.

  • I love cod because of zombies. Multiplayer isn't my favorite. I'm scared of zombies so getting to knife and shoot the shit out of them gives me a hell of an adrenaline rush. I tried playing league of legends cause of a boyfriend and I hated it I found it boring cause my computer was too slow for it and because I was a noob people would try and get me kicked so it just wasn't something I enjoyed.

  • yeah alot of girls don't even game

    i mean they try to impress others by just holding a game controller or CD(s) up and take selfies and put them on instagram,facebook,deviantart what ever!

    then………..when the time comes
    there will be the wrong way to hold 3 CD's up with ONE HAND
    and i am like "YOU DON'T HOLD THEM LIKE THAT!!"
    reference to alot of pictures

  • I happened to be a female gamer yet I never want to be referred as a, "Female Gamer", unless guys start differentiating their gender as well. I'm 33 and been gaming since I was 6, way before gaming was considered mainstream cool. I would be 1 female to every 100,000 guys. I could wear sweats and every dude would want to talk to me because I was the rare gamer chick…like a unicorn. Ten years ago I would be shocked to run into another female gamer and now every chick whether you are a gamer or not has turned gaming into a way to be famous on Social Media. I feel bad for the younger girls who feel pressure to be a certain image especially when the game themselves show women as super sexualized Fantasies. In addition girls feel pressure from the YouTube and Twitch chicks as well that mirror the same look  (e.g. Tomb Raider or Cassie, etc). Gaming went from having a good time and talking shit with friends to feeling like you got look like a hot chick and stream your lame ass gaming experience. Even the videos on this topic is OP. FGs are OP.

  • Is that the game Catherine

  • thank you someone had to say it cod is no good hahahahahhahahah

  • My tag on ps4 has girl in it i hate it 100% REGRET

  • This video was not what I expected but I totally subscribed after watching it. I fell upon one of "those" girl streamers last night and she was actually hawkin access to her naughty bits on another during her stream. Like seriously – are times that hard :S They give us all a bad name. Having said that, its no different than irl ~_~Anyhoo, thank you for being fabulous and unashamed.

  • How about sk8r boy vs sk8r girl?

  • I only call people gamer girls when they are streaming and only show their tits

  • Thank you god dam it COD is not the end all and be all of gaming

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