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This video is sponsored by Scream Street, the tv show.
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What is Scream Street?
Scream Street is a TV show based on the book series by the same name. It is primarily about Luke, a regular teenager that finds out he is part werewolf and gets relocated with his family to Scream Street by The Government Housing of Unusual Lifeforms (G.H.O.U.L). Scream Street is the town where extraordinary lifeforms, creatures, and beings of all kinds live. Luke quickly becomes friends with a vampire “Resus”, an Egyptian mummy “Cleo” and a Witch in training “Luella”. Before long the group, “the gang”, goes on adventures as Luke discovers the different avenues of Scream Street, coming across characters of all natures, shapes, and sizes. The show is broadcast on the BBC, under the children’s channel CBBC and across Latin America, Europe, and Australia.

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