FAKE "GAMER GIRL!" ("Arcade Block")


OMYGOD she is such a fake gamer girl. She totally said the wrong Mario game instead of the right one and has no idea what she’s talking about. SHE’S NOT EVEN A REAL GAMER OMYGOD WHAT A FAKE GIRL GAMER!

Hahaaaa! Sadly people actually say these ridiculous things at times 😛

Nerd Block is excited to introduce Arcade Block, the very first subscription box dedicated to gamers and video game fanatics! Just like Horror Block and Nerd Block classic, Arcade block will have 4-6 video game toys and collectibles plus a limited edition t shirt, every month. We (Nerd Block) will be working with companies like Playstation, EA, Activision, Nintendo and more to bring great licensed and exclusive items to you in each block!

Arcade Block sold out of their first month in under 4 days, but you can reserve a block for October at arcadeblock.com

➜➜➜Make sure to use code “zombiunicorn” with no “e” in zombi (because I’m an idiot) to save 10%!

This video is sponsored by Nerd Block.
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Download FAKE "GAMER GIRL!" ("Arcade Block") from here

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