Gamers Assembly 2012 (TMNF)

After an outstanding TMNF tournament at the GA’2012, I decided to make a video about it.
This year at Gamers Assembly, top players such as frostBeule, hakkiJunior and Tamarillo made the trip to France to fight with the best french players (Carl, YoYo and Rapt).

In this movie, you will see many highlights of the event and the best times of players.
Thanks to JWH, Spam, Dc.NoRage and wells for their help!

Maps :

Masters – 3 – Angie by Clem0uf :
Masters – 3 – Dude by Rapt :
Masters – 3 – Kor. by Klaw :
Masters – 3 – NewHope. by Linkz0r :
Masters – 3 – Sno.opy by EpiK :

Download the map pack here :

Soundtrack :

Madeon – Icarus (Radio Edit)
Awaking State – Out There (Subsonik Remix)
Yppah – Gumball Machine Weekend

TM-Tube Link :

Download Gamers Assembly 2012 (TMNF) from here

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