GAMES I HAVE BEEN PLAYING 5 – Happy Console Gamer

Johnny gets ready for next gen by talking about games he has been playing

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!

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23 Responses to “GAMES I HAVE BEEN PLAYING 5 – Happy Console Gamer

  • Chrono Cross was classic!!

  • I had that Chrono Cross clock too!! I also got the soundtrack when I pre ordered the game. I listened to the intro song 100 times, sooooo good!!👍

  • If one day you have problems with copyright infringement then you can always your own music in the background 🙂

  • Yo I experienced that same kind of Richmond store experience but it was in Mexico city. Every year as a kid we'd go spend the summer break with our cousins. They knew all the places you could get DVDs burned with all the anime and PS1 games you wanted.

  • 12:02 and many people whine that game prices are going up. Prices back then were just as high if not higher. Then tack on inflation. Anyways people that whine about prices going up need to learn to wait for sales or learn to use trade in promos. I used promos at EB Games Canada and got a PlayStation 5 disc version, Sackboy A Big Adventure and MARVEL Spider-man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition for around $275CAD because of taking advantage of the promotions. If I would have paid cash it would have been $904CAD. So, I saved well over a third of the price.

  • Hey Man . I live in Vancouver too! Many memories from Chrono Cros with my modded Playstation in Brazil…

  • We still have the building, here in São Paulo – Brazil, where you get "tax free imported" stuff. Back in 1996, there was more than 30 shops who sold PS1 games copies, from China. Perfect copies….with covers and all!! Still got it all the games today!!

  • This sounds like some classic early 90s House music with a hint of Trance and Techno! Would have gone down well in the club here in the UK during the early 90s!

    As a huge Dance music fan, I am actually impressed! The UK version of that music generator was simply called 'Music'.

  • I think that music would have been great for a ship shooter. I can see you get a power up right when that second melody kicks in.

  • You should upload those songs, that clip you played was pretty good, wound fit perfect into a space shooter

  • Man I never played chrono cross
    But you got me!!
    What a nostalgia moment
    The music is amazing
    I will definitely check it out 🤟

  • He made the HappyConsoleGamer Synthwave live on MTV

  • @HappyConsoleGamer man this video is hitting home for me lol. Firstly I haven't sold any of the consoles I've bought since my PS1 and I have always been into music eventually becoming a DJ which is one of the things I do for a living now. I still have my memory cards and every single game save from back then. I love MTV Music Generator. They have two sequels for PS2 and the original is the best. I just found out from a video STop Skeletons from Fighting recently released on the PS1 mouse and never knew that it was one of the few games that it works with. I now am in search of one. Also Chrono Cross. I just bought this game new from Square Enix last week. They still sell the physical Greatest Hits version packaged together with Final Fantasy IV. I got it for only $7.50 on sale for Halloween. I cannot wait to check it out. I have never played it before. Thank you for bringing these back. Enjoy man!

  • I found a really nice crt on the street, brought it home, and instantly got sucked into chrono cross… so much love and nostalgia for that game!

  • The music in Chrono Cross is something else, and yeah, that intro was captivating

  • That song you created sounded awesome.

  • Been playing Trails of Cold Steel 3 and here over the weekend have messed around with Mad Rat Dead, which turned out to be quite excellent!

  • I used to create music with Acid Software. It came with my HP CD Writer. I really think it was a legit way to create art

  • Recently purchased a PS2 slim. Attached a Brooke controller adapter to connect PS4 controller wirelessly. Playing Capcom classics vol 1. Ghosts n Goblins arcade version. Plays perfectly. No stutter like you would get from running a rom on MAME.

  • Return Fire was great as was the expansion I think it was called Maps of Death. My cousin had 3DO and we played that game religiously. Off Road Interceptor was another great 3DO head to head game as well.

  • LOL that's awesome, I thought it was just me that kept the receipts to look back at them one day!

  • Yo the songs fire!

  • That first song is boss!

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