Gaming Laptops – 5 Things To Check Before You Buy One Gaming laptops have become extremely popular with laptop users, but do you know what features or factors to look for when buying a gaming laptop. Here are 5 key features or things you should check before you buy a gaming laptop…

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  • This is from 2010 so i thought it was really useful but i look at the comments and everyone is like phhhhhh that's not right everything is different now.

  • AMD Radeon R6 would this be a good graphics card to play games on??? please get back to me it would be MUCH appreciated

  • hey what about tn display is good or bad plzz tell me

  • I know this might sound dumb but I know almost Nothing about gaming laptops lol, but can you go on the internet like Safari or something and go on google just like any other laptop?

  • I was amazed when he said all you need was 1GB of RAM. I guess back in 2010 that was okay but to play modern games like Watch Dogs and probably GTA V, you will need at least 2GB and for better performance, 4GB.

  • Gd vid helpful thx

    Component Details Subscore Base score 
    Processor AMD Athlon(tm) II Dual-Core M320 5.1 4.9 
      Determined by lowest subscore 
    Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB 7.0 
    Graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500/5100 Series 4.9 
    Gaming graphics 2303 MB Total available graphics memory 6.3 
    Primary hard disk 854GB Free (932GB Total) 5.9 
    Windows 7 Home Premium 

      Manufacturer Acer  
      Model Aspire 5542  
      Total amount of system memory 4.00 GB RAM 
      System type 64-bit operating system 
      Number of processor cores 2 
      Total size of hard disk(s) 932 GB 
      Disk partition (C:) 854 GB Free (932 GB Total) 
      Media drive (D:) CD/DVD 
      Display adapter type ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 
      Total available graphics memory 2303 MB 
            Dedicated graphics memory 512 MB 
            Dedicated system memory 0 MB 
            Shared system memory 1791 MB 
      Display adapter driver version 8.970.100.1100 
      Primary monitor resolution 1366×768 
      DirectX version DirectX 10 
      Network Adapter Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet 
      Network Adapter Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter 
      The gaming graphics score is based on the primary graphics adapter. If this system has linked or multiple graphics adapters, some software applications may see additional performance benefits. 
      Caution: Based on the results of the WinSAT Disk assessment, your system drive may have slower response times under some workloads. Performance results will depend on the specific applications used and the amount of memory available. If your experience is satisfactory, no action is needed. 


  • I am looking to buy a laptop mostly for gaming and school purposes and I don't want to spend more than $300-400 is there one you'd recommend?

  • NVIDIA and ATI are the only choices XD

  • Nope gigabyte has thinner laptop than the razor blade pro and it has gtx 765m

  • razer blade done it beats all thinnest / fastest / best for gaming!

  • tyvm I am burning my laptop up with all my gaming (typically have 3-4 games dl) 😛 In the market for new…I'm a mmorpg and want better speed and graphics. Great video.

  • A decent fan on a gaming computer is also crucially important. Computers with poor cooling while running games will just overheat and shutdown under stress, so it is advisable to look for one with a large fan vent that you can aim away for a steady flow of air.

  • I was thinking of getting a hp envy touch smart 15.6 inch screen but I'm not into major gaming what kind of gaming is these speck for

  • so, im thinking of getting the ASUS ROG G750JX, what say you, oh good Samaritan?

  • Alienware 17 1500$ and 14 1199$ beast buy guys

  • I want to play games like Rome 2: Total war and World of tanks. But I do not want to pay over 800 dollars please. Could you suggest a laptop that could play on high settings for these games. Could you give me the specifications in video memory please?

  • Decided to get the Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p for $1149

    Thanks for your help!

  • I checked out the Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 before but Lenovo states that they are sold out. Any good Haswell laptop suggestions? Battery life is an important factor for me.

  • Hey!
    What do you think of the Toshiba Satellite P50-AST2GX1? Would it be good enough for demanding games and graphics processing in general? The resolution is quite awful but everything seems to be great? I am looking for the best gaming and general use laptop possible at around the $1000 price range. Would like the haswell for its battery life and I like the 12GB of RAM. How would you rate the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 740M graphics card? Any help is appreciated!

  • Got it,thanks alot for answering,really appreciate it…
    I will be looking forward to your future videos…
    Thanks again 🙂

  • Hey there,Your guides are really helpful and are full of information…
    I just have a question if you don't mind.
    I will be getting the msi cx61 laptop with a geforce 2gb gt645m graphics card,and 4gb ddr3 ram…
    Im just wondering if those specs are enough to play most games at 30fps/high-med settings…
    Thanks 🙂

  • Could anyone reccomend me one that is below $500

  • i was wondering would a intel hd graphics 4000 be able to run call of duty black ops 2 or battlefield on low or medium settings

  • Om looking for a laptop with a hd screen a blueray drive and be able to play games such as battlefield and call of duty

  • I'm trying to find a laptop that can play games like Gmod, Arma 2, possibly Dayz, Indie Games and M

  • I'm trying to find a gaming laptop for games like Gmod, Arma2

  • It has 16gb ram
    2gb nividia gtx765m
    i7 4700MQ

  • Going to buy xplorer x6 6800 gamming notebook

  • Hi there. Can u give me a list of medium range gaming laptop? say the price range is around 600-850 USD ?? Thanks.

  • Asus N56VJ-DH71 15.6" Notebook – Black this laptop is good for gamerS?

  • Where can I check the speed/power of the CPU when buying a laptop?

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