Henry Mancini ~ Jean


Jean by Henry Mancini – some tribute pictures of the lovely Hollywood actress Jean Arthur

Download Henry Mancini ~ Jean from here

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  • Such beautiful music to remember the wonderful Jean Arthur with. I have many of her movies myself. She is one of two women I consider to be the best actresses, ever! When you watch one her movies, everything she does seems seamless and effortless, yet those who know about her life, know she was plagued with insecurities and stage fright. You not only never see a trace of that in her movies, but she completely embodies the role she is playing. It is so sad to me that in her personal life I don't think she ever thought very much of herself and in her death, no funeral, no celebration of her and of her life. From this earth I say to her, she was one of the best actresses to ever grace the screen and watching her movies brings so much joy and laughter. I hope on the other side she is gaining a better sense of herself, she so deserves that in a really big way!

  • Jean Arthur is a favorite of mine…love the video as well as the song.

  • Oh, thank you Heather! I loved her in so many movies. I'm so glad you liked the song and video. Thank you so much for watching and for leaving such nice comments. Wishing you a wonderful week too!

  • Absolutely beautiful, Jim! Wonderful song–I love Henry Mancini! Gorgeous backgrounds, and great pictures of lovely Ms. Arthur. Thanks so much for sharing and brightening my day. Have a wonderful week, my friend :))

  • I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you so much for watching and commenting!

  • ¡¡ Excellent version of the theme of "Oliver " !! Fantastic video… ¡¡ Congratulations for you !!

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