Hollywood actress Heather Graham takes on the entire industry

Actress Heather Graham discusses her directorial debut in “Half Magic” and taking on the entire Hollywood establishment over the sexism that exists within the industry.

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  • So over liberal whores

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  • I dont mind watching Heather Graham but not in the context of this bullshit communist racism and sexism towards white men.

  • Best person should be nominated, period.

  • she always plays a whore role

  • Hollywood is stacked.  Right now, saying women are victims in America, seems opportunistic.  But the sister is selling a movie, what's a girl going to do.

  • What a bunch of complete bullshit. Fucking wamen will never stop with this shit. NOBODY is holding you back! STFU!

  • What about Erin brockovich, that was a great movie.

  • This didn’t ring true. There are very many movies about women

  • Tell that to Amelia Earhart. Oops, wait a minute, her plane crashed. Well she still gets an A for great effort. 🛩 🛬

  • So men will like it because there is sex? Wtf, how about uncovering what women really desire. More men want to know how to beat the system long term, than how to get a cheap screw. Its just hurts a man's classic ego to admit they are helpless to figure it out without assistance. Expose the secret that women and men ACT differently. The long term value is knowing the rules where men can break women out of their self defined constraints where it will be apreciated.

  • what if men are better film directors??? Should there be forcefully women nominated just to reach the 50/50 quota?

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