Hollywood Actress Shot By Federal Agents In Portland With Pepper Balls

Federal Officers SHOOTING AT ME in Downtown Portland! See my marks from the tiny pepper balls what hit me all over my legs. For what did the feds shoot me? For standing in an intersection with TWO more people? …as I was just pointing out on Josh Friedman’s livestream “There is somebody!”.
This happened one block away from the BLM protesters, who gathered in the park in front of the Multnomah County Justice Center (Federal Court House). What do you do in a scenario like this? Call the cops?
07/17/2020 3rd Ave and Jefferson St, Portland, Oregon, USA.

#PortlandProtest #FederalOfficersViolence #FederalAgentsAttack

Watch the full Livestream from Portland on Josh Friedman’s YouTube Channel @NomadicJournalism:

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17 Responses to “Hollywood Actress Shot By Federal Agents In Portland With Pepper Balls

  • If they tell you to go home, you don't just go fucking wandering around the streets. No one feels sorry for you.

  • Lol that hilarious! Lil Bitches can run fast! Run Forest Run! Aww poor baby got stung! Serves you Right!!

  • Hollywood actress? Hollywood florida? Porn actress?

  • Hi Romika
    Sorry for you being shot at, that is not right. I came to your channel after seeing you and Josh for the first time with your coverage of the BH Trump rally earlier today. Thank you for all you and Josh do in bringing unbiased interviews. Be safe out there.

  • I'm here only to get a good Laugh , I am so amazed by your ability to convince yourself into thinking you are an Actress , wow can't get over how weard you must be !!!
    You are obviously your biggest fan !

  • some big actress you must be with less than 200 subs!

  • Its pepper balls , stop the lies

  • Love the new thumbnail of your legs. We know Josh did that to you. That animal πŸ˜‚

  • No I watched you when you were in Seattle and the chop zone and they made a lot of sense then kind of now I’m thinking you’re just stupid disappointed. This is not fun and games!

  • glad you guys are out there. glad you guys got outa Portland tho. its getting pretty rough right now.

  • Why are people still antagonizing the situation?

  • Wondering why this video was suggested.

  • Its really annoying when people deliberately put themselves in bad situations for subversive purposes then complain about the outcome. You won't get much sympathy from the vast majority of Americans communists are not well received. Sorry you are in pain but thats actually the purpose of the projectiles. Did you interview the abused elderly ladies or the anarchist who burned the police union offices?

  • So sorry this happened to you… it's horrible. πŸ™ Be safe and stay strong.

  • They declared it unlawful to be in the area. You obviously ignored their orders to leave the area.

  • You should have been in Hollywood, acting. πŸ˜‚ Real Americans hate Hollywood now. 97% of hollyweird are communists.

  • Hollywood Actress πŸ˜‚

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