35 Responses to “Hollywood Actress Whose Property Was Miraculously Saved from Deadly Fire Says God is Bringing Reviva

  • i am so much liked u work .ur realy spiritual God blessu .

  • Praise God and thank you for your truth and presence and compassion and grace and wisdom and YOUR SON YESHUA in whose name we praise and thank YOU.

  • I love this, it’s one of my favourites, is incredible, from time to time I come back to watch
    – Micaela’s mum

  • I just love this! Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony! Yes, prayer is powerful!
    -Micaela’s mum

  • Wow, this is incredible!
    -Mic’s mum

  • U mean after trump burnt every one alive. Praise the lord trumps a murderer

  • Makes me cry every time. God is so good to His children.

  • My old pastor in CA had the fire coming up his drive way. His family got down and asked God to help. The wind changed direction and the fire went out.

  • Praise the Lord, the power 💥💥of prayer 🙏 and what praying does

  • Praise JESUS💕a thousand may fall at your right side 10 thousand on ur left.. but it wont come near you..💕psalms91!!!

  • Amen Amen hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

  • Praise JESUS Christ is the truth the way and the life look up y'all time to repent and mean it the kingdom of GOD is at hand.

  • What's Reviva? Lol I kid. This is amazing. ALL God🛐

  • Wow God stopped it, I believe it

  • Awesome. He doesn't waste our pain.

  • Amen! God words is powerful ✝️🙏

  • One thing for sure , is that God answer prayer.

  • I remember a fire burned in el cajon,ca years ago and a similar thing happened to rebecca st james when everything burned but her house. A circle around her house. Praise GOD!

  • I love the prayers in this video… so based on Biblical promises. This is how to pray, reminding God of His promises. He is ever faithful to each one.

    On Sept. 21st, I journaled my time with God and wrote this: "Repent, repent, repent, and continue to pray and cry out to Me for I have heard your call. You will see the smoke rising from the ashes when I make my move. Cry out, cry out, cry out to Me. I have heard you call and I have heard your cry and I will make a way to restore you so that you will no longer have bloodshed in the land. The enemy rises against the one that I've called out and yet even so he is nothing to Me. I am the Lord God Almighty and I answer the cries of my people!  Cry out to me now, repent and I will heal your land. I do so for My glory, because you stood by my people Israel."

    I didn't understand what it meant, but now I do. I agree with this actress, that the fires are a sign that revival has come to California. I join her in praying for the people of California. No weapon formed against us will stand! God is moving! Praise Him!

  • Praise God!🙌🏻✝️
    Thank you Jesus for your mercies

  • Powerful testimony, pray for those that lost homes! God works best during these situations! Praise Jesus!

  • God bless Brenda!!!

  • YES There is POWER IN PRAYER TO Jesus Christ Yeshua, and FAther God "The Great I AM" <3 God is Good and HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER<3 <3 <3

  • If this doesnt make atheists believe in god I dunno how blind someone can be! God is and always will be around us for eternity. The true creator of all us beings. If only we stopped fighting each other:

  • I am happy somebody is talking about prayers. Because most of the celebrities hated God and believed Lucifer.

  • Mountain Moving Faith !!!! Amen RIVIAL

  • Wow amen 🙏🏼

  • I am encouraged by this. Thank you for sharing this miracle!

  • I love you my Jesus Christ and my savior I’m a proud follower of Jesus Christ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Jesus is the one true God the father, son and Holy sprit ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Thank you brother and sisters, I was a Hindu and two years ago I saw Jesus many times, Jesus my savior show me new Jerusalem it’s a city of Gold and his glorying 💡 lights every where, Jesus my savior wrote in the sky and said tell my people to stand together with Israel 🇮🇱 .. I saw the rapture happening I saw a flood rite before the rapture not like the Noah flood but a flood happening and I ran into a baseball stadium and that’s when I saw my Lord in the cloud ☁️ and everyone fell on there knew slowly and I felt on my knee and start repenting, Jesus said to me he is coming back 3x and I saw 7 angle in the clouds with long trumpet 🎺 when I saw Jesus for the first time I know he is Jesus and I sat there watch him and I felt so much love I never felt before not from my parents nor anyone and I felt my past and all my sins was forgiven and I feel so love. I woke up the next day and I give up my party life I give up everything… I love you my savior .. Jesus moved in my life and provide for me thank you Jesus for everything and thank you my savior. Plz pray for my family they laughs at me and insult me times to times and they don’t believe in Jesus plz help pray for my family so they can come out of Hinduism.. also the other nite i saw in the clouds a army is in preparation for something Big … I love you Lord Jesus my savior

  • Praise the Lord !

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