HUSTLE BUSTLE | The Story of Dynamo Gaming

When I started doing what I do today, it wasn’t very well known and I wasn’t sure where I would end up. There have been times of uncertainty where I couldn’t see where I was heading. What kept me going was a voice inside me which told me to keep going no matter what! – I’ve finally let this voice out and speak for itself in this video. I can’t thank you all enough for this!
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📍*Ebullient Gaming Productions*
📍 *Beans Media*
-Directed by- Kunal Walia
-Editor- Chetan Walia
-Trailer Editing – Akbar Sheikh
-Asst. Editor- Ikjot Singh
-DOP- Uday Oswal, Karan Bisht
-Line Production- Gurudeep Sapra
-Additional Camera- Angad
-On location sound- Lakhwinder Singh
-Child Actor- Akshaan Mahajan
-Research- Vivek Neupane
-Thumbnail & Promotional GFX – Ritik Singh

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