Insane Gaming Keyboards Are Taking Over PC Gaming

A brief explainer on mechanical keyboards, their rise in popularity in PC gaming, and how ‘Holy Pandas’ are changing the game. Sources below.
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43 Responses to “Insane Gaming Keyboards Are Taking Over PC Gaming

  • A brief dive into the current mechanical keyboard world.
    Describe your build if you have one!

  • I mean, I can see the draw to it all?…but with kids, a wife, and a mortgage?…I just don't have the time to build. I like all the customizations and all, but I would need a "standard" 104 key, keyboard….because I use most of the functions and I NEED the number pad! (comes in handy when its tax time and I have to go over everything with my CPA!) I'll say this much though, If ever a company were to offer custom keyboards already assembled and with all the colors, switches and other preferences that people could ever want or like?…they'd get my business regularly, all year round!

  • Flat keyboards>>>>> mechanical garbage boards

  • A workaround would be to just switch shortcuts or key mappings and if necessary put labels on the keys.

  • Idk dude. Until i can build a much better keyboard than the ducky one 2 mini for the same price, I'll leave that place untouched.

  • I thought this was top 10 keyboards or something

  • I use a modified Corsair k70 RGB keyboard with custom keycaps, it still works great!

  • Weird my Youtube comment is not showing up on this video, did you guys shadowban/block me?

  • And last but not least they will NOT make you a better gamer same as the latest and greatest gaming mouses. I feel sorry for the dummies who buying them hoping that they will perform better in games just because of buying an expensive junk. The best keyboards were those old IBM XT clicking keyboards, destroyed many of them with doom 😀

  • Damn, after this video we’ll n e v e r be able to get novelkey creams xD

  • Das Keyboard 2 or IBM M for gaming

  • Why would anyone buy a gaming keyboard?they are just like regular keyboards but more overpriced and more uncomfortable to use.

  • Been wondering why I’ve seen all Andy’s keyboards in the background during all the Friday shows

  • This was really interesting

  • Whoa… Andrew is voicing this video!

  • cherry mx for life

  • ONE OF US!!

  • Didn't expect to see this on gameranx

  • I think is for a people with to much free time! And No it is not the same like building you first PC, is not the same!

    And you forgot to say that you will pay double the amount 9f a normal keyboard!

    Still it is your own buil and there is no price to that!

  • When I first started to be curious about this “keyboard scene”, I thought it was just some nonsense, but I got into this stuff to the point of seeing asmr of it, I literally already knew everything said on this video, and now I finally feel like I want to build mine. But its still nonsense tho.

  • I thought a keyboard was just a keyboard I wouldn’t know cause I don’t have a pc to use a keyboard on

  • Is this video a giant ad?

  • I missed Andrew ❤️

  • me with a 3$ a4tech keyboard i bought 8y ago.."One day Im gonna make my own keyboard."

  • And than there are the Logitech MX Keys and Craft, which don't work properly, because Logitech Options is a total mess!!!

  • Just recently made my first custom keyboard with hot-swap sockets. It was really easy! The only issue I had was I broke a board by not inserting the switches on a flat surface (popped a hotswap socket off). Beyond that issue it went really well and I love this thing! I worry about when I decide to make another… I'm sure I will at some point… But this one feels so nice!

  • I like my keyboard which has thumbtacks glued on it.

  • Slight Trypophobia warning at 7:30
    It started to hit me and me no likely that mouse

  • build a custom keyboards for me its worth it im using space65 v1 👌

  • Like the variety with this video, very solid edits aswell

  • I'm not even a PC gamer but thats dope.
    The costumazation possibilities are just too good.

    I'll get a PC

  • Meh, for gamers, it's all about RGB and cheap pudding keycaps and shit. They wouldn't know a good mechanical keyboard from a bad one or tray mount vs gasket mount, etc. Stick to Razer and Corsair, gamers.

  • i'm using the onscreen keyboard 😒

  • Should have known this would be an Andrew vid.

  • Marques Brownlee doesn’t do keeb stuff, right ??

  • Apparently, it's going to take my brother about 18 months to get all the pieces for his Cyberpunk punk keyboard to completion. Unfortunately the GMK factory has some setbacks goin on.

  • I love this! Thank you for introducing everyone here to the world of mechanical keyboards

  • with these holy panda switches, how much would a whole keyboard setup cost to make? this is making me really want a new keyboard now. I always game with a chicklet keyboard and it's kind of dumb.

  • This sounds really random. I'd be surprised if it caught on. I mean building a PC is a big thing because you save money and a useful thing people need. A PC keyboard? A cheap peripheral that can come in free with most PC purchases? I don't see keyboard building as anything other than a niche thing.

  • Meanwhile I've been using a Controller+Mouse Combo for almost 15 years now lol.


  • What the heck, I was just researching this last night!

    Oh I remember why it's because I saw a sick keyboard in the background in your office with the gaming News. I bet heaps of other people were subliminally thinking about this too.

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