John Rabe – Official US Trailer

Opens 5/21 at Quad Cinema in NYC and 6/4 at Laemmle Theatres in Los Angeles

Based on a true story, John Rabe tells the story of a German businessman who rescued more than 200,000 civilians during the so-called Nanking Massacre in China. Drawing from John Rabes 1937 diaries as source material, Academy Award ® Winner Florian Gallenberger has crafted a portrait of a man revered as a saint in China to this day and yet never rewarded for his courage during his lifetime. An Official Selection at the Berlin Film Festival. Winner of 4 Golden Lolas, Germany’s top film prize, for Best Film, Best Actor, Best Costume and Best Production Design.

Download John Rabe – Official US Trailer from here

24 Responses to “John Rabe – Official US Trailer

  • Iris Chang wrote a book "the Rape of Nanking" in 1997-her research into the massacre caused her to go into a deep depression to the point that she committed suicide in 2004

  • Okay, fuck nazis except this guy.

  • The more I study Japanese imperial army in World War II, the more I feel sick
    because Japanese imperial army was worse than Nazis

  • อยากดูหนังนี้พากย์ไทย หาได้ที่ไหนนนนนนน

  • Are there any japanese?

  • 98 % of nazis were like him

  • This movie is fucking impossible to find with english subtitles

  • So he inspired Oskar Schindler or was it the other way round… Perhaps they both were men with a clear conscious.

  • @Kristhehistorian Actually, it was no historically proven. They found out that many pictures used to proof of Nangking Massacre were from somewhere else. You should check the videos on YouTube that shows you what really happened in Nanking. "The Fake of Nanking Massacre-1(English and Japanese) " . They have 1-5 videos.

  • @SagaciousLuDa People have problems with a Nazi being a hero.

  • @undertakerRach That is what you think, but you show it in your spam posts you can´t think anyhow, you just fabricate fairytales. And you certainly never have read John Rabes Diary as that is not a Nip book door knob! So shut the fuck up no one in their right mind would believe a dirt bag like you!

  • @undertakerRach Yeah please please read Nip fairy tales, of peaceful victims. A third nuke is more than neccesary for your type!

  • This looks really good. The trailer actually brought tears to my eyes.

  • as a Chinese, I just want to say two words to you Mr. Rabe, THANK YOU!

  • Please show this in Massachusetts. I need to see this film. I have admired this man since I saw a History International special on The Rape of Naking.

  • @wc200709 You are right. In fact they were confiscated and Rabe was ordered never to mention what he had seen to the media. I have Iris Chang's Rape of Naking and I have John Rabe's Diary. I wanted to write a play about him sooooo bad. This film beat me to it. His story and those of the other members of the Safety Zone has to be told. I NEED to see this film. I wonder if they will show that it wasnt Matsui Iwane who was responsible but was Hirohito's uncle Prince Asaka.

  • why limited theatrical release?

  • @FoozLuv Diary of Vautrin and collections for Dr Wilson and others for that period (winter 1937 ~ mid 1938).
    library. yale. edu/div
    /Nanking/ findingaid . html
    Rabe sent his materials including films to Hitler but some of them were never returned.

  • What do they mean by "so-called". Was the description written by a Japanese Imperial Army Veteran?

  • @SagaciousLuDa The film is having a limited theatrical release before going to DVD in September. It is currently playing in NYC and will be opening in Los Angeles this week 6/4.
    6/11 – Lake Worth, FL / Lake Park, FL / Wilmington, DE
    6/12 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    6/13 – Three Rivers, MI
    6/18 – Palm Desert, CA / Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    6/25 – Bethel, CT
    7/9 – San Francisco, CA / Berkeley, CA

    More dates coming soon!

  • The Japanese actually took pictures of themselves beheading and using prisoners for bayonet practice. They took the film to be developed at a Japanese film developing shop. The people developing the pictures made doubles to show the world these crimes. They raped women (females of any age) literally to death. To this day as far as I understand the Japanese do not speak of it and if brought up they deny it ever happened.

  • @alltimegamer247 No, the airplanes are from Imperial Japan. Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were allies during World War II, so the airplanes didn't bomb them.

  • wtf is steve doing in this movie! lmao

  • @Maria29493 i was thinking the same thing too.. but after watching the trailer you realize the story that has to be told. i felt the same way about the movie saving private grandfather was in the war and told me that movie was the truest to what war is really like. 🙁

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