Lads & Jockeys – Official Movie Trailer

In a small village near Paris, 14-year-old boys and girls enter the training center for future lads and jockeys. For these young pupils, the transition between the family environment and this new world is brutal. Though sharing the world of teenagers — flirting, cell phones and PlayStation — they enter a world where the comfort of the horses comes before that of the human.

This documentary film tells the story of Steve, Florian and Flavien during their first year of apprenticeship. It leads to Flavien’s first race, which officially puts him in the restricted world of jockeys. From Music Box Films.

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  • I live and rode Santa Anita Race Track Arcadia,CA. It took 5 years of hard work at the horse farms,the freezing cold,heat,storms,traffic,healing from injuries,money to travel,and meeting lots of crazy characters,Rode for D.Wayne Lukas,Bob Baffert,Richard Mandella,Southern California tracks are great.If anyone thinks they need to be as young as these kids to live there dream.Not so! I started after graduating from College. Problem for these riders is there still growing.Weight issue!?! Goodluck!

  • where can I buy this film on dvd?

  • neither worth squat diddly without the other

  • Horse ain't with shit compare to the Jockey.

  • Jockeys ain't with shit compare to the horse.

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