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Hi, Heros. Welcome to Heros Gaming🎮.

🐤🐥If you have any General Questions while live stream.Tag a Moderator using @.he will reply you.
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🐤🐥Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.
🐤🐥About me🐤🐥

🐤🐥My name is Sainath. My Age is 23 (Unmarried).
🐥I’m from Sanjeev Nagar Gate, Nandyal, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, India.
🐥Languages Known=˃˃Telugu, Hindi, A little bit of English.
🐥My device=˃˃IPhone XR (IPhone 10R).
🐥I use Four Finger Claw with Full Gyro.
🐥My Pubg Sensitivity, Controls, Layout and Settings Are Posted in Instagram.
🐤🐥Live Stream Timings🐤🐥

🐥Morning=˃˃7AM to 11AM
🐥Evening=˃˃7PM to 11PM
🐤🐥as am unable to read all comments in my live chat. Am Conducting Skype Video Calling every Sunday Evening to interact with all my viewers.
🐤🐥Unsung Heros🐤🐥
🐤🐥A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart🐤🐥

🐤🐥You Can Support Me by
🐥Paytm, Gpay, Phone pe=˃˃7893313343
🐥UPI id=˃˃ herosgamingyt@ybl
🐥Donations with Any kind of Negativity/Hate will not be read.
🐤🐥Channel Membership Benefits🐤🐥

🐤🐥Support by becoming a member
join link=˃˃
🐥Every Month, there will be a Separate Video calling session with Channel Members.
🐥Channel Members will get special set of emoji to use in live chat.
🐥Channel Members will get respective Badges Next to their names.
🐤🐥Chat Rules🐤🐥

🐥Avoid spamming.
🐥Avoid hatred against any streamers.
🐥Avoid Abuses against anyone.
🐥Avoid any kind of promotion.
🐥Avoid asking about Religion, Caste and Politics.
🐥Avoid asking opinions about other Streamers. Every Streamer is great in their own way.
🐥Respect Mods and every individual on stream
🐤🐥Mod Rules🐤🐥

🐥Don’t Time Out Anyone for Silly Things
🐥You should be Respectful for Viewers
🐥for Becoming Mod Be in Top 5 Points and Active in Chat
🐥Mod have Permission to Timeout and Hide user from the Channel So Don’t Use the Role for Time Pass.

🐥My Pubg ID🎮=˃˃5123376407
🐥My in Game name=˃˃HerosGamingYT (YT means YouTube)
🐥My Highest Kills=˃˃31
🐥My Highest Damage=˃˃4339
🐥KD in Solo Vs Squad=˃˃4.2 to 4.5
🐥KD in Solo=˃˃2.88
🐥Top Rank=˃˃27 in Solo Tier Asia
🐥Mostly Played=˃˃Solo Vs Squad
🐥Tier Now=˃˃Ace in solo vs squad
🐥Reached Conqueror Tier=˃˃Season 9, Season 12, Season 13 and Season 14 in Solo
🐥Playing Pubg From Season2.
🐤🐥Social Media Links🐤🐥

🐥WhatsApp Number=˃˃7893313343
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🐤🐥for Suggestions and Advices🐤🐥

🐤🐥for suggestions, Advises and collaborations reach me at
Email Id=˃˃
🐤🐥How to Live Stream explained by Prasad Tech in telugu🐤🐥
🐤🐥How to Super chat/Become a Member🐤🐥

🐥Buy a Google play Recharge code from Paytm / Phonepe / Gpay.
🐥How to buy google play recharge code=˃˃
🐥copy the code and Redeem it in the Google play store.
🐥After Redeeming ,Click the Dollar or Home Symbol at the bottom right corner of the live chat.
🐤🐥Content Disclaimer🐤🐥

🐥Please don’t hate anyone I talk about in my videos or Live stream. This channel is only to Entertain people. Please don’t spread Hatred. Please don’t comment in such a way so as to hurt anyone Directly or indirectly.
🐤🐥Copyright Disclaimer🐤🐥

🐥Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

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