Legendary Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor has passed away

Legendary Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor has died. The 79-year-old academy award winner had been battling congestive heart failure for a long time.

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22 Responses to “Legendary Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor has passed away

  • @carrielovejoy You always forget one..hehe. To be honest I thought Joan had passed away a few years ago.
    Good to see she is still alive. We need to compile a list.

  • She's not fucking dead!!!!!

  • im very sad she died…she was my favorite actress/person. RIP Elizabeth taylor.
    i wish she hadnt died so soon. wish she wasnt diagnosed w. all those problems.

  • R.I.P.
    it's sick and repulsive that people are writting disrespectful comments about Elizabeth Taylor. Dont worry I will pray that those people will seek some professional help.

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  • Ha! my grams outlived her

  • Is this the end of "Old Hollywood"?.. Not exactly,still a few stars who were famous before 1950. Let's consider who is still alive.
    Olivia de Havilland..aged 94.
    Shirley Temple..yes,she is still alive and not dead as many believe..aged 82.
    Lauren Bacall..aged 86.
    Angela Lansbury..aged 85.
    Mickey Rooney..aged 90.

  • RIP Liz Taylor a Hollywood Legend & Super Actress! The Great Ones are Going!

  • <3 one of the most beautiful, elegant, graceful, and talented actresses <3 May she rest in peace

  • Elizabeth Taylor was awesome on "Green Acres" and she kissed "Arnold" right in the butthole!

  • rest in peace Elizabeth taylor i just saw you a few days ago on the nanny tv show rest in peace we love you

  • they say she was worth 700 million when she died dam i dont have 700 dollors aor pot pis in or throw t out allrighty , Boy aint God so fair to all of us lol

  • @ChiroQuacker Well what the hell do we know what YOU look like. You're probably butt-ass muley ugly. And jealous.

  • I'll miss you Lizzie.

  • !!! Que bella esta mujer, Q>D.E. P.!!

  • may you R.I.P. WITH MJ !!!!

  • R.I.P Beauty Queen

  • You're the best, Elizabeth!!!!!

  • Elizabeth! May you rest in peace…

  • @RichardElden Elizabeth only has love for you. You were so sad about her death. You just can't express yourself in the right way. Bless you, you poor soul. Elizabeth, bless his sicko soul. She would take you in her arms and say the most wonderful prayers for you to get rid of your mental illness. She was a a good woman in that way. I know how much you LOVED Elizabeth and Michael Jackson. You're still in shock. I hope you'll be ok. I know you'll live for them!

  • R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor — One of the most Beautiful Woman in the World 🙁

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