Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse – Video Review (HD)


Video Review of the Logitech G300 gaming mouse

– 2500 DPI, 9 Programmable buttons, easy to use software, comfortable

For a closer look at the Automatic Game detection, check out my video:


To download G300 gaming software:


Download Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse – Video Review (HD) from here

44 Responses to “Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse – Video Review (HD)

  • logitech mouse on a razer mousemat! #yolo   #thuglife

  • thx for link <3

  • Hey I have a problem with dpi I want my dpi to be 400 and my windows sensitivity to be 5 plz help me I wanna get a g502 so badly so plz HELP

  • rubbish mouse Don't get it

  • Dude i'm having a problem with me G300.
    I can't change my light indicator and ALL the buttons don't work but i can still move it

  • hii im wondering how do i bring up my mouse setting on my Desktop?


  • Does it has jitter click?

  • I learned how to set it up, but it doesn't wanna work anymore, and the colors changed without I did anything and… yeah. I can't open the software anymore, and the buttons doesn't even do a thing anymore. What should I do? D:

  • What are the 4 options for dpi?

  • Wahhoooooo EVENTUALLY got the mouse to work in everything.
    Searched through System Properties, Mouse installation drivers etc….. there were some `Exclamation Issues` in the Mouse Hardware/Software drivers there. A google found a technical fix. I followed the instructions to re-install the Drivers?; re-booted and BAM it works great now. It must have been the Conflict with the previous Logitech Mouse software? Anyway; Happy.

  • This mouse is great but it is too small for me..i ended buy armaggeddon g9x with tarasque…..more expensive than g300…around, half more price of g300..XD

  • Phoranges………"Your description "easy to program" seems like vicious imagination to me as I have spent 148 hours trying to program the buttons to work in Battlefield (on my i7 Haswell GTX 780). I have been using computers 20 years, and its my first 7-or-9-button mouse but no matter how carefully I try and get the buttons to work in Battlefield 3–4 etc the buttons REFUSE to program or do a fcuking thing.

    Otherwise a reasonable mouse if it was wireless.

    I also have the M560, but its useless for gaming. Great for Desktop though."

  • Hello great review! I just got mine today do you know I can set my mouse to 400 dpi? I can only set it to 500 dpi and not to sound delicate but 100 dpi for me is quite a difference… 🙁 I would greatly appreciate your help. The first thing says 500 but what are the rest for? Like those blue lines 

  • Hey bud, could you/ would you do a tutorial on how to make custom profiles for games. I have the same mouse with same software and wanna map certain actions to certain buttons but not sure how to do it. I've looked all over Youtube and forums for this but can't find any useful info for it. I know a lot of people out there need the same help as me so could benefit you when look for tut's on this. Thanks

  • I have an important question. Can you program one of these buttons to be a double click button? I just had a mouse that's right click died on me and it had a double click button and I grew to get used to and like it over a 4 month period. So, can you do it on the G300 or not? I'm on the brink of buying this mouse and need to know ASAP.

  • can this mouse be used for laptop? Cause i only have a gaming laptop

  • If you put the profile in your mouse will it detect the game or only if you put it in the pc

  • Yes, you should be able to program all 9 buttons as any button you please

  • It's solid. Not sure how the scroll is hard to reach. It is a standard position and size. Perhaps that person is holding the mouse incorrectly or inefficiently.

  • Thanks for the kind words. Will keep that in mind!

  • Thhanks found this usefull liked and subscribed
    P.S. maybe you should make some gaming vids

  • Go to Logitech's website and go to support+downloads under the support tab, then go to "Mice" and find the G300. Under the "Downloads" tab you simply select your operating system and click download!

  • Hi! I was wondering if you knew if I could have all 9 buttons work as…buttons. What I mean is is that some of them are assigned to be dpi changers and mode changers and in the software settings I seem to only be able to have 5 real buttons, that I can then use in games, the other 4 are "stuck" on being other things. Do you know what I mean? And if so, am I right? Thank's a bunch for a good video.

  • Google "G300 gaming mouse," Click on support and then downloads. From there, it should be easy to find the gaming software.

  • Yes. The logitech gaming software lets you set the DPI levels to your liking

  • I can't figure out how to open the software. Please help!

  • How long wire is in this mouse???

  • can i set 1200 and 1600 dpi ? cause im always using this setting and my old mouse broken i want to buy this one…

  • Thank you. Have an awesome day

  • Youtube does not allow me to post links, so I have posted it under the video description. Just click "see more" to find the link.

    Then on the bottom left you should be able to select which OS version download (ex. windows 7 64 bit).


  • I'm trying to find the software but can't find it to configure the mouse buttons. Can you help please?

  • I don't think any gamepad necessarily compliments the mouse well. It's about which gamepad compliments YOU the best.

    There are 1) weaved patterns with cloth (the mousepad you see in the video) 2) slick smoothed surface mouse pads with plastic

    The main difference is how tightly the weaves are for the cloth mousepads, and how slick the coating is on the plastic gaming mouse pads. It's really up to you. Remember, it ain't the mouse, it's about how your hands feel on the mousepad.

  • Hi, What is the best gaming mouse pad that compliments this mouse? Cheers!

  • Youtube does not allow me to post links, but here it is. Just replace "dot" with the period.


  • It's a bargain for a gaming mouse! Cheers and enjoy

  • just bought it right now :), I was originally going to buy at amazon for only 20 euros, but then they didn't ship here so i just bought it from the logitech website for 40 euros. Can't wait till I get it! 😀

  • no….I am going to install it now 🙂

  • Have you tried downloading and installing the logitech gaming software from the website?

  • when I plug it to my windows xp laptop it automatically works without opening the window with the settings. how can I get there?

  • is it plug and play or u hav to install some software for it??

  • thanks I am considering this mouse, and I would like to ask you if you think it's really worth it to pay somewhere around 35-40 euros for it? I already have a mouse, but it's a low range normal mouse. Will it make a big difference in games If i buy this mouse over a normal non-gaming mouse?

  • No problem. Are you considering this mouse? More than willing to answer any questions or help you get the best suited mouse for you.

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