Men In Black (1997) – Trailer

A sci-fi adventure comedy about two top secret agents (Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones) with the everyday mission of policing alien activities on planet Earth. The Men in Black’s current assignment: to stop an intergalactic terrorist from making Earth his next victim. © 1997 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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  • This trilogy is much better than the men in black international

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  • I just wish the left this movie alone. MiB was great. MiB 2 absolutely blows, they phoned it in and was an obvious cash grab. MiB 3… eh, it was better, but did not feel like a real MiB movie.
    Was not interested in the reboot, didn't see it and don't plan to. Unless you know, it's on TV and I'm too blazed to find the remote.

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  • A great movie from the Dark Age of Cinema.

  • 🔥🔥🔥
    This is a wonderful movie
    1:29 🖤🎥🎬

  • I would like my cassette back
    Finley Quaye Voodoo Slag Shag
    He gets depressed

  • Looking back, it's cool to see alternate takes and dialogue, that was changed in the final film. 🙂 However, this is another example of a trailer that is too long and spoils the film. Work on keeping trailers non spoiler filled, and under 1 minute 30 secs, for decent impact. This tried to stuff all the gags and action scenes into 2 mins, and just look at the result.. a bit cringey.

  • 🔥
    Yes. Love the movies.
    0:41 ❣🎥💟

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Nothing but tension from start to finish.
    1:07 💙🔥

  • UNDYING CLASSIC! 11/10 one of my top 10's movies! always love M.I.B's 🙂

  • cool film💓

  • The film is based on Lowell Cunningham and Sandy Carruthers's comic book The Men in Black. Producers Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald optioned the rights to The Men in Black in 1992, and hired Ed Solomon to write a very faithful script. Parkes and MacDonald wanted Barry Sonnenfeld as director because he had helmed the darkly humorous The Addams Family and its sequel Addams Family Values. Sonnenfeld was attached to Get Shorty (1995), so they approached Les Mayfield to direct, as they had heard about the positive reception to his remake of Miracle on 34th Street. They actually saw the film later and decided he was inappropriate.[citation needed] Men in Black was delayed so as to allow Sonnenfeld to make it his next project after Get Shorty.

    Much of the initial script drafts were set underground, with locations ranging from Kansas to Washington, D.C. and Nevada. Sonnenfeld decided to change the location to New York City, because the director felt New Yorkers would be tolerant of aliens who behaved oddly while disguised. He also felt much of the city's structures resembled flying saucers and rocket ships. One of the locations Sonnenfeld thought perfect for the movie was a giant ventilation structure for the Brooklyn–Battery Tunnel, which became the outside of the MIB headquarters.

  • Rip head phone users at 0:3

  • I love this movie and the special effects are awesome.

  • came here after watching Gemini Man

  • The people in men in black are the area 51 guards because they have aliens

  • Awwwww, dats hot

  • i doesn't matter how many times i watch this movie i always feel the need to watch it again best film ever

  • tho Chris is hot, but this is way better than the new MIB international IMO 🙁

  • Is michael jackson in this movie? I think he plays a short part

  • らぶ!!

  • This is the real Men In Black, not that shit remake.

  • after watching the MIB: International i never feels so old that i though the first MIB was produced in the 20's turns out to be on 1997 damnnn

  • 0:26 They used a different take in the movie

  • Yaaa it’s rewind time

  • Jackie chan adventure animations show please upload in Hindi

  • Please upload men in black animations show all episodes in Hindi

  • Old but a classic, and better than the new one

  • Came here after watching MIB 3 trailer.
    2019 anyone?

  • F u sony xbox 4 life u suck

  • Yep I'll just skip this one and go wait for the new one

  • The movie released in 1997 trailer released in 2013

  • Amazing how 90s sci-fi looked so more realistic than what it is today.

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