Natec Genesis HX77 Gaming Headset REVIEW!

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Natec Genesis HX77 Gaming Headset REVIEW!
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7 Responses to “Natec Genesis HX77 Gaming Headset REVIEW!

  • I have used these headphones for around one year and a half now, and let me tell you my friend, your review is a joke. You understand nothing about them and your assessment is based on … touching them? Look I'll give you a helping hand:
    -comfortable, i used them for hours with no fatigue
    -incredible volume, I use them at 6% normally, at around 20% your years blow up
    -real (not emulated) 5.1 sound, has an integrated sound card, passes all the surround sound tests with flying colors
    -very good sound quality. Especially on the base side.
    -very long, sleeved cable. At 2.5meters you can sit back and enjoy that movie
    -quality detachable microphone, with good fidelity and completely flexible body
    -fold nicely when you are not using them, present some interesting flexibility features
    -the best noise cancellation I've seen on any headphones at this price range
    -the ear cups are big, they cover the entire ear
    -controls for volume and mute for both sound and microphone
    -generally look cool, with aluminum combined with plastic
    -some quirky features: vibrations (on three preset levels), colored leds
    -long warranty period
    -unreliably built. The microphone stopped working after 6 months, and after an year the cups started exfoliating resulting in pieces of leather and rubber in your years. The cable busted itself near the remote and the cups. I sent them back to the producer and they have returned my money (at least that was nice).
    -they are heavy
    -presents a VERY big remote placed very inconveniently on the middle of the cable. This 200 gram brick is made out of fragile plastic and will either drag on the neck or hit the floor, depending on your char height. Takes babysitting skills not to break it. The remote also has blue leds that are way too bright and will blind you at night.
    -the extra features -vibrations and cup colored leds are useless. You will never see the leds on the back of your head and you won't use the vibrations for more then 5 minutes.
    -the heaphones are not compatible with a plethora of motherboars (from MSI mostly) and your won't be able to use them unless you also buy an extra external USB hub you must use as an adapter. You also can't use them on any device except your PC/laptop.
    -the drivers provided by the manufacturer are a nightmare. Many users have reported them not working on win8/10. They are not available stand alone, and you must use their installer. That creates alot of problems. For me personally, installing the drivers added weird programs to startup, DOS windows flashing on screen and multiple icons in the tray. Later on, when they added a new version, it installed parallel to the old one and you end up with even more icons in your system tray and more confusion. The work around would be to use none of the drivers at all, but still…
    -they may seem bad from the list of cons, but the pros more then make out for it. For the price you are paying I found them better and with more useful features then Razer Electra V2, better built then Plantronics 5000HD (dough those are 7.1 compared to these 5.1) and on par with the Kraken, but at almost half the price. My advice would be to buy them, they ARE worth it.
    Note -if you have an onboard sound card, like a Realtek, Hx77 will provide greatly superior sound quality compared to headsets that come without a sound card inside, like the Plantronics, Razer or even the Hyperx Cloud Stinger. I have personally tested them all, and I can confirm that. But if you do have a dedicated sound card, go for the later.

  • hows the vibration? strong like xbox & ps controller?

  • Bravo. you managed to feel up that headset pretty good, talk a load of nonsense and not provide any sound testing on the mic, or really any other relevant/useful info any kind.
    Kudos for adding to the millions of useless youtube vids.

  • This video is very very nice… 😉

  • I wonder how are HX88 ones, coz they are true 7.1 surround sound. Btw, how's the mic on this headset?

  • Are u at euro gamer now

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