Peace, Love & Misunderstanding – Trailer

When her husband tells her he wants a divorce, devastated Manhattan lawyer Diane (Catherine Keener of 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN) heads upstate with her two teens to Woodstock to stay with her estranged hippie mother (Jane Fonda of NINE TO FIVE). In this charming village, Diane and her city kids get a new perspective on life. Poetry-reading daughter Zoe (Elizabeth Olsen of MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE) becomes interested in a sensitive young butcher Cole (Chace Crawford of TV’s GOSSIP GIRL). Nerdy son Jake (Nat Wolff of NEW YEAR’S EVE) finds material for his first film project, and Diane herself grows close to a handsome carpenter/singer Jude (Jeffrey Dean Morgan of TV’s GREY’S ANATOMY). Most importantly, Diane finally gets the chance to end the ancient war with her mother, whom she has not seen for decades. Also starring Kyle MacLachlan (TV’s DESPARATE HOUSEWIVES), Rosanna Arquette (PULP FICTION), and Katharine McPhee (THE HOUSE BUNNY).

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