Playkey ICO – Decentralized Cloud Gaming Platform – Token sale: November 1st, .2017

Playkey, the specialists for decentralised cloud gaming and video streaming technology is proud to announce that its Token Sale will be starting on the first of November (1st of November 2017).
In this video, the Playkey Team explains how its platform allows users to utilise its service to play games, how miners can make their GPU time available to other users and generate income in the process and be paid in various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or regular money. It also explains how Playkey intends to extend its infrastructure, to be at the forefront of this technological revolution in gaming.
For more information about and the Playkey Token Sale, head over to the website, or engage the Playkey team directly via one of the options below.

White Paper

Disclaimer – This is not investment advice and should be considered for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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21 Responses to “Playkey ICO – Decentralized Cloud Gaming Platform – Token sale: November 1st, .2017

  • I am seeing that a good project but at now it have many disvantages to take part.
    With that Months sub prices , would be abble any one more clever to save money and buy medium to high compunter putting pieces of buying it saving money, so for now subscription is too expensive (39.9 x 12 = 478,8 low-Medium Computer 59.9 Meudium 718 , 69.9×12 838 medium computer )

    All services will be not usefull until most country will be abble to use full Fiber to have good and stabble connection to have good and correct streaming services where most country with High prices services and tech , not will be sucess ever country have curriencies it are not dollars, and most country exist dollar exist many ways to create new or used machine capable to playgames unique problem now is a big inflation and highest demand existing after mining boom increased prices too much. Probably will be correct until 2020 we hope.
    I tried out here a Demo game so It have much dellay, hope next it will be fuctionally way to don't need astronomic computers 2k or more to play high end and stream to a tv, for now it have high prices.

  • invested in to the ICO, Nice platform btw

  • Don't you think the big nerds that are going to be into this technology will already have souped up gaming pc's anyways?

  • when will it be the ico??
    or is already available in some exchange?

  • Well this seems like a very interesting idea and I wouldent doubt it however Im skeptical about the mining details. Im a bitcoin miner, the ping on my router is 600ms (yeah its that bad) and I can still mine with multiple servers no problem. The reason that is is because the data you transmit while mining is so low. However I cannot game off this latency so I doubt I would be able to mine playkey. That being said when mining playkey a main factor may be having good internet and maybe only individuals with good internet will be able to mine playkey.

  • the current version of the Playkey product will be closed, because this is specified in the shareholder agreement with the current venture-capital fund, which is a shareholder. However, the current version of the Playkey product can be open if the current investors agree to it.
    ==> let me know whe they do

    so we will build the future of gaming! But yeah sorry like PS4 we'll close it down..

  • Your servers are in Moscow? Are you people stupid? I mean I realize that you techie people have no clue about history about the Communist Party about what Putin is as a KGB agent but seriously do not trust Russian people! I just can't believe you're this stupid I'm sure your grandparents would love to slap you upside the head if they're still alive and they had a clue

  • The points portrayed in this advert are asinine and misguided. Paying money to give away your agency over your software and hardware is not in any way superior or more appealing than paying money to upgrade your own hardware.

    Also, the problem for gaming is not that the players have weak PCs. Games can be good even if they aren't demanding. We dont need more graphics. If every game stayed with SNES or PS1 graphics and sound, and the industry instead innovated and expanded upon gameplay and experience, we would be far better off.

    Also, the real problem with gaming is the greed and laziness of developers. We have studios like Platinum and Treasure and From who are either dying out or considered middling and unpopular even though they design the most engaging and genuinely entertaining experiences available. Then you have the examples in this ad like Bethesda, EA, and Ubisoft, high profile companies with a careless development ethic and subscribers to scumbag moneymaking schemes which they implement at the expense of their already shoddy player experiences. And these companies are popular.

    It's greed and incompetence in development that is destroying the games industry. Your product is useless. Spend your money in a more productive and less predatory way.

  • I'm pretty sure this will end up like the last couple of game streaming services.

  • I hope you'll succeed. I have one question, will the transmitted data from the client to the server be protected by Blockchain technology? When I log into the Steam account. Can a person distributing the resources of his PC interfere with my gameplay? Thanks for answers!

  • Just got this Ad again.
    You can't stream hardware.

  • Hey, you know what singleplayer games need? Latency.
    OnLive keeps coming back like a zombie.

  • Hardware companies gonna conspire to bring this technological breakthrough down

  • So small qwestion how do puting 300 low end pc in conversion whit echader make them 300 hy end pc
    This is not logical sins people wil only use this surves if day have a low end pc and I don't think wen Day don't use the survers that day want any program taking power from there pc

    Also the biggest downside like internet speed wil not make this work whit out lots of lag unles you provide glasfiber to each of the pc and even then ther wil stil be lag

  • Yeah… I like to actually own my games (even if it's a digital download) rather than losing access if there's no internet connection.

  • "Experts predict…" – yeah, and those experts also said that the PS4 would not have a disc drive.

  • I built a computer that totals $300s in parts because I got a lot of the stuff like the case, keyboard, mouse, wires, screen, and ram from people I know who didn't need or want it, or places like Goodwill that don't know what they are, then you only spend money on the inside, with $300 I can play all of my 300+ games on steam flawlessly. Also peer to peer is dangerous.

  • They deleted my comment on the flaws of this software or the possible flaws

  • What's the profits from minning? I dont think it would be work for me to stop minning eth for this

  • Wait wait wait. You're telling me it's my pc that bottle necks my performance and that I gotta download something to gain access to someone else's pc, just to play a game at a higher fps ? This sounds like that downloading RAM bullshit people would say 5 years ago.

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