Prof PLO Lumumba -Robust Speech in South Africa

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With rumors of Zambia being bought off by China.

African leaders must know what they want as they engage China on trade relations, this is a warning from Prof Patrick Lumumba who was commenting on the recently concluded Focac summit in Beijing, China. Lumumba who was is South Africa at the Vaal High Impact leadership summit, also commended Zimbabwean President, Emmerson Mnangagwa on his attempt to bring inclusivity in Zimbabwe.

Lumumba also shared his vision for Africa in 2063
“I see the Chinese coming, be careful. They all started trading with us and then conquered us. Now as you trade with them, be careful as we’ve be bitten many times before”
“I am amongst some of the people who were saying the meeting was supposed to be held on the African soil discussing African issues with a Chinese delegation so that the needs of Africa are discussed on the African continent.

“China has defined what she wants and have realised that Africa has the resources and China is now exporting to fish to Africa but the question is what is Africa exporting beyond the raw materials and my view is we must ensure that China will not run show in Africa,” he said

This comes at the background of the move by the 44 heads of state to hold a meeting in China and accept a 60 billion debt in the name of fair relations with no strings attached

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29 Responses to “Prof PLO Lumumba -Robust Speech in South Africa

  • I must honestly submit that this is the best speech ever by Professor Lumumba .Am proud to be an African

  • Point blank and straight to the point

  • PLO is the most useless human being to have ever lived being the international orator he is with a huge platform he kept mum at the time when a genocide is being committed upon his people and as a lawyer he is a defender of the oppressors and not the oppressed . Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said the someone who can't take a stand in times of crisis and live with it whatever the circumstances do not deserve to live. Really with his big mouth PLO do not deserve to live. He is a useless orator who have never fought for anything whether it is human rights gender equality civil rights political liberation struggle etc he only uses his platform to give useless but well informed lectures

  • A giant of a man.

  • P l o mulumba is indeed,a great teacher

  • My all time idol PLumumba

  • Honestly I'm glad to submit this notes to my fellow Africans that prof PLO is a true PanAfrican high respect than any other people AROUND Our beloved continent Africa. Therefore my message to him is that, build more young Africans to become like you and even better than you thank you God bless you

  • This is one of the best speech I have listen to

  • Pro. is a brilliant African hero he must lead AU in the futures.

  • And the biggest naivety on all this, is that between the speeches on this video are the numerous western ads telling us about their solutions that fit us as Africans…….

  • Dont say 2063. Say NOW and then say NOW again. You have to be in the consiousness of success or you will never close the gap between now and then


  • God keep this man, wisdom at its best, most amazing individual intellectual capacity, the grammar of his speech, the pronunciation of words.

  • The other top products imported by Africa are: Motor cars for persons (worth 17 billion USD), medicaments (worth 11.4 billion USD), telephone sets (worth 11.2 billion USD), wheat (worth 10.6 billion USD), motor vehicles for the transport of goods (worth 6.3 billion USD), rice (worth 6.3 billion USD). When you look at this, its not so hard for Africa to develop after all.

  • Morroco has always been a confused nation ,we don’t even even recognise them as Africans so they can get lost ….prof lumumba is indeed a true son of Africa

  • Great speech. You are a man who is not afraid to speak the truth. I pray that our Leaders learn from our past and don't allow Africa to be colonized again. A foreign country is now building roads and a school and taking away tons of our natural resources in return from Africa. They are also opening up their own Police stations in different African countries and getting their own citizen's to police their citizens who live in Africa a sovereign continent. Wake up Africa Wake up.Proudly African. God bless Africa.

  • UNITED STATES OF AFRICA Loading……………🤝❤

  • MTU aliyechepuka kutoka jamii yenye ukabila sana na kuwa mwanamajumui wa afrika,anaipenda afrika anawapenda waafrika kila speech yake huwaamsha viongozi wa kiafrika usingizini,,amkeni amkeni wakati wa ukombozi wa kifikra ni sasa wakati wa maendeleo ni sasa,tuimbe wimbo huu kuanzia kaskazini hadi kusini mwa afrika,mashariki hadi magharibi mwa afrika,,amkeni,binafsi ni mwana majumui wa afrika huwa na mpenda sana professor na kumuelewa sana,mungu akubariki sana.

  • Religion, especially Islam, won't allow Africa to meet up in 2063. The religion produces leaders who are dangerously Islamic fundamentalists.

  • I wish this man can be president of united africa Lol

  • We love Africa. Please can you arrange the national address and book all the stadiums and invite Pro Lumumba to talk to our Africans that are in our country. He is the soil of Africa . Viva Africa Viva .

  • The best president that the tribal Kenyan population doesn't want to have.

  • How this man is not president i don't know!

  • As it is said now let it be done!

  • wow i like prof because of his speach

  • These are few examples of what will take place when the Chinese settle in African/ other Asian Nations in 10 years time .

    – China is not santa Claus everything has been thought out in advance .
    – China is gaining in the long run.
    – China will hold a corrupt government in power to ensure no disruption to their grand plan.
    – if government noticed or try put a stop to a lopsided future deal, funding will stop and imf will eventually need to be used to pay china.
    – China sets up business and eventually all business belongs to Chinese
    – every business will depend on Chinese business owners for supply .
    – the local citizens will never control their own economy
    – there will be Chinese language ATM's
    – there will be Chinese schools
    – there will be support sector catered for only the Chinese .
    – there will be townships and property with Chinese only resident .
    – grocery stores and supermarkets will be wholly owned by the Chinese.
    – The Chinese will not work under and other local manager even if his life depended on it .
    – because of the above fact , higher management will always be Chinese.
    – because of above no other person's will fit higher management role .
    – all meetings will be done in Chinese and others won't fit in.
    – even if a few makes through for the sake of seeming to give equal employments opportunity, eventually they won't last seeing the kind of culture Chinese have against others .
    – property will be booked by Chinese , only apartment / house numbers not in favour of their numerology believes will be open for booking to the public.
    – due to this property agents will be dominated by the Chinese .
    – There will be racial tension as locals will feel they have lost the right to their land.
    -chinese always build walls . Their colony will be behind one , stopping others from gaining access .
    – in a high property value area , there would be 3 others and 97 Chinese . These 3 others will eventually move out .

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