RX 480 MSI Gaming X quick overclock for everyday use


This video shows owners of the MSI Gaming X RX 480 how to set the card to match the Sapphire Nitro+ while running cooler and quieter with a nice memory overclock. Note: the purpose of this video is not to go for the highest overclock the card is capable of, rather it is for tuning the card to remain quiet while gaming while also performing better than the Nitro+ which is currently the fastest factory overclocked RX 480.

Download RX 480 MSI Gaming X quick overclock for everyday use from here

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  • Would I get this out of an msi 4gb rx480?looking for good every day overclock if anyone knows of good one.so far 1340/2200mhz +20% on power is working temps running max at 86

  • new to all this pc gaming business.
    Looking at my wattman, under memory I'm only seeing stage 0 and stage 1
    Is something wrong? or is there a setting I need to mess with to get this?

  • i dont care how loud it is set your fans to the max if your overclocking this will keep your card cool and not ruin it my minimum fan settings are 2313/2900 power on fan max it. fuck noise we want to overclock this shit! nothing is really LOUD, set your gpu like he did his memory and u do max power limit should get 1400mhz on my card

  • Solid video man! LOL at all the kiddos complaining about the length of the video. The specs are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU the whole time. If you don't know how to use Wattman, that is your problem. I'm bummed out I bought a 4gb XFX RX 480 prior to doing a bit more research. That card comes stock with 1750Mhz ram and does not have even close to this headroom. I run it stable with GPU at 1330Mhz and mem at 1880Mhz. Nice little bump over stock, but nothing like the other 8Mhz cards out there.

  • Quick 10minutes?

  • Got bored with the story. Stopped watching before getting the settings. This is a bad video.

  • Some may think your video is too long, but you really just explain every single setting pretty detailed which is neat. Thanks for this awesome video, the "silent and overclocked" idea of your settings convinced me to try it out 😉

  • My stable overclock settings for my msi rx 480 8gb
    Core Clock:1450 mhz
    Memory Clock:2250 mhz
    Core voltage:+96
    Power limit:+50
    Runs stable in most games, crashes in a select few, when it does for those games i reduce the core clock to 1440 and everything seems to run fine.

  • Given a AMD 9590 + RX 470 DOOM locks up, and lacking an SSD + faster ram, got to get a slower background game ? BATTLEFIELD.

  • can anyone tell me if 1,25V for the MSI RX480 Gaming X is too much for the chip // lifetime shrinks drasticly?

    cos i get it stable @1450mhz core clock with max 1,25V.
    temperature 70+°C with stock cooler at only 50% load.. ^^

  • My asus strix 8gb is sooo loud.

  • When did tom green start making computer videos?

  • dam, I still dont know how to use wattman

  • my wattman only saves the max temp and poewer limit. why is that? any ideas?
    msi rx 480 with crimson 17.2.1 (was the same with 17.1.1)

  • does my motherboard have to be able to clock?

  • i want to know the perfect settings for 9 ghz

  • You're kidding right?
    I traded my MSI in for a Nitro+, never looked back!

  • Doesn't overclocking memory cause bigger latency and decrease performance?
    Thanks for answer.

  • Solid tutorial, my only 2 gripes about it is 1) After CrossFireX is enabled i lose the Radeon Chill option, and when it does crash it resets settings back to default

  • Rx480 8gb: ROG STRIX or Gaming X?

  • you check GPU memory errors with HWiNFO?

  • which are your specs? and could you list the benchmarks? I'm not a native english speaker so I don't understand certain things 😛 Thank you!

  • What program is this? amd radeon crimson?

  • my gpu crash right away with these settings

  • what msi rx 480 you have 4gb or 8??

  • DUDE. JUST. GIVE. THE. SETTINGS. i watched for 5 minutes and 38 seconds and now i wanna cut my wrists. you talk too much just beating around the bush, never arriving to the point. it's like when my gf wants to tell me what she did today but starts from her birth. 10 minutes is too long for this type of video. the people of the internet are impatient. i learned nothing. now i'm gonna go and cry in my corner.

  • Have the same card, I recently updated to 16.9.2 and I been having red dots, green screens, and crashes with just 1310mhz. can it be because the latest updates are causing the crashes?

  • my msi 470 gaming x runs stable in these setting.
    power limit set to 50%
    1885mhz on the core
    1875mhz on the memory
    it's to bad my memory wont get higher

  • i got mine to 1380mhz and 2250 memory without touching anything else

  • Good video. I agree. I don't know why MSI was so conservative with their factory core and memory overclocks with both the RX 470 and 480 , because they could have easily achieve the same clocks as their competitors factory settings as the power delivery, binning quality and coolers all could sustain much higher factory overclocks without compromising on cooling, noise or stability. Also, thanks for the tip on using FFXIV in-game benchmark to test stability of clocks on core and memory. I've been using Metro 2033 Redux on loop or the RoTR DX12 in-game benchmark (which is good for testing memory clocks). Subscribed, brother.

  • my nitro+ 470 8GB goes to 1370Mhz at +50% PL without upping the core voltage. is hellish loud though.

  • In the video, I was recording using AMD's VCE which is why the VRAM was maxed at 2225mhz the whole time. Normally, when not being used the memory will downclock just like the core to 300mhz and the idle temp will be in the upper 30s.

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