The Messed Up Reality of Being a Hollywood Actor

Celebrity Actors Controversial Journey And Challenges In Hollywood
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Some actors make their careers look easy, but more often than not, they’re anything but. Some celebrities claim they always knew they were meant to perform, but others got started because of very surprising reasons. Emily Blunt suffered from a stutter so severe it wouldn’t respond to therapy. It was completely debilitating until she discovered the world of acting. We’ll share some other shocking journeys to stardom, including what traumatized Will Smith at age 15 and made him decide to become a star. Then there are actors who have caused controversy because of their portrayals of certain characters such as Zac Efron and Penn Badgley. We’ll also talk about celebrities like Brie Larson who have caused massive backlash which threatened the success of their films.

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28 Responses to “The Messed Up Reality of Being a Hollywood Actor

  • R.I.P Chadwick Boseman. Wakanda Forever

  • Yeah Hollywood eats their own. Soon as they
    think for themselves their blacklisted.
    People need thicker skin. We've got a world full of crybabies.😐

  • If Kate blab gets took a pass on tyrannic we wouldn’t know who she is

  • I love zac Efron in the Nicolas sparks movie it’s good

  • People need to calm down we all mess up when we are young

  • Adaline was a great movie Blake lively. Penn is on Netflix You it’s good

  • Stars need to relax be thankful what made you famous whatever

  • US theaters refusing Beauty and Beast cause of one gay dance?

    I hate this country so much. Y’all don’t worry about the two men happy, worry about your marriage falling apart 🙂

  • Screw the critics, when an actual victim from a serial killer states Zac Efron was good – shows you how stupid these critics are.

    Also, Penn yelled at women who were attracted to Joe. And told them to grow up.

    Jeeze your videos are so biased

  • Robert Patt is a brat. Hate him now

  • I don't know if the information in this video can be trusted. Many years ago, I saw a video that pretty much said Kate Winslet got her role in Titanic because she pretty much "begged" for it. She was the one who wanted to be involved and was very persuasive with trying to get the role. And now she wants to take a pass on it in hindsight? These are like two extremes. I don't find it hard to believe that she would find her acting cringe-worthy since she was a fresh young actress at that time. But she'd be lying if she said she wouldn't have taken on the role because she was the one who took a lot of effort to convince the casting crew to hire her.

  • I thought Zac Efron did really well as Ted Bundy. I've seen a number of movies and interviews of Bundy and Zac was right on. Bundy was charming with women and that was how he lure of women. They were at ease with him that's how he attached so many.

  • I'm surprised Emily blunt has handled fame well. She came up slowly and from humble beginnings. I guess her marriage is strong

  • 160th comment, if that matters. ;-;

  • How narrow-minded people are to think Mark doesn't deserve the success he has now?! 😠 People change, people grow, and they can learn from their mistakes! Those are the truly successful people in this world!

  • Mark walburg wasn't in new kids on the block that was his brother Donnie

  • Is actor and actress a thing of the past? Is it actor now for men and women?

  • People just keep trying to find stuff their offended by. Oh my god. Most of these things weren't even a problem. Just people being worried that they're not offended by something so they find something to be offended by.

  • Whoever’s voicing this sounds sooooooo condescending! 👎

  • I feel so sorry for Zac because he is an AMAZING actor for example as ted bundy but everyone sees him as troy bolton

  • Penn hating playing Lonely Boy… Goes onto Joe in You…. Same character. Also Blake and Penn chose to date… no one forced them. Why moan about it?

  • straight up lies and way to exaggerated omg

  • Oh come on. Even as a child I could already see that Lefou was totally gay for Gaston. LOL.

  • it appears the dr strange thing was because china did not wanted a tibetan monk in the film ..apparently china has a lot of power in hollywood

  • zac effron is just hypnotized by lumpkinella's transferal clickometer

  • zac efron portrayed bundy in the way he actually was, at least according to anyone who knew him and has talked about it

  • They're ACTORS. No role should be off limits regardless of one's immutable characteristics.

  • So what about hanz Christensen little mermaid? The live action with Disney is going to have Ariel being portrayed as a African American actress. Wtf is up with that? You can’t have it both ways ppl.

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