The MOST EXPENSIVE GAMING FACILITY in the world! First look at TSM's $50,000,000 esports center

TSM is proud to announce that we are building the MOST EXPENSIVE gaming facility in the world. At nearly $50 million and a record-shattering 25,000 square feet, it will also be the largest esports center ever created in North America. And we’re just getting started. TSM MYTH and TSM LEENA take you on an exclusive tour of this premier gaming compound, which will include state of the art scrim rooms, viewing rooms, streaming rooms, the very first holistic center for gaming performance, and even a sensory-deprivation tank and total gym for all our gamers — from Bjergsen to Beaulo

Here at TSM, we’re passionate about gaming, entertaining, and winning. That’s why we’ve listened to our players to develop exclusive tools and specialized facilities to help them train to play at their best. Just as importantly, our esports facility will allow us to surround our creative influencers and streamers with the talent, gear, and media resources they need to help take their content to the next level. In the words of Myth: “We’re talking big baby!”

To all our dedicated fans, and all our future fans, thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to celebrating our new home with you. We promise we’ll always do our best, to strive to be the best. And together, let’s build the future of gaming. TSM.

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