The Strange Name Movie – Trailer

How do perfectly ordinary, normal people cope with the extraordinary challenge of an embarrassing, provocative, famous or unbelievable name? This documentary examines the phenomena of “strange names”.

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  • It’s not that bad at all, but speaking of names that sound dirty, my grandmother’s married name was Icia (pronounced Icy) Johnson. ❄️ 🍆 🤷‍♀️ 😆 🙊

    Also, my sister and I have the last name Coleman. She named her son Coleman when he was born. That one always gets looks when I tell people. I tried to get her to at least nickname his first name to Cole, but she wouldn’t do it. (Oh, and her reason? To name him after our father… yeah, idk. Hahaha And no, she didn’t change her last name when she got married. It’s still Coleman.)

  • Towards the end of the movie I noticed a lot of let's say harbored negitive feelings for their names, whether it be good or bad handled with comic relief or anger, A name is a name, not who you are, I knew a young man his name actually was, Juan GAYE but he persevered, and he was one stud muffin, Long story short things in our childhood and teenage years , can be sucky, whether you are poor, or on the better end of the money tree, which they get bullied to believe it or not ,but again I'm 45 now and still get funny looks when I say the name Pick to pick something up LOL peace be with everybody with different names, because no matter what we are all human and we are all special and I offer much support and love because I choose to Pick my battles LOL

  • But to date, and I heard this on the show IT crowd, from England, the worst name in my opinion, was Peter File,say that one three times fast LOL just a name but bad bad stigma behind it

  • But with that name "Pick ", I also have red hair, Talk about being very distinct, but it made me much more than ever ,an outward social going you'll never forget me kind of woman, I learned that from my beloved father, thanks dad, the name Pick comes from Chicago which my family owned the Pick Congress Hotel back in the 70s, Might've been mid 60s as well, so many years ago, so to all that have names that are just weird, or sexually charged, chin up, don't let it break you make your mark and own it

  • My name is Ellalee Pick , Which to this day even at 45, when I pick up prescriptions or any order I have placed, they do a double take LOL take it on the chin, "pick your nose "great movie in my opinion, Netflix just rocks

  • Strange Name Support Group on Discord –

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