The Wedding Song – Official US Trailer

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Nour and Myriam, 16, have been friends since childhood. They share the same house in a modest neighbourhood where Jews and Muslims live in harmony. Each one secretly desires the other girl’s life: while Nour regrets that she doesn’t go to school like her friend, Myriam dreams of love. She is envious of Nour’s engagement to her cousin Khaled, a sort of fantasy of the charming Arabian prince that they both share. Unfortunately, Khaled cannot find work. The engagement lingers and the prospect of a carnal union grows more distant. In November 1942, the German army enters Tunis. Pursuing the policies of the Vichy regime, the Nazis impose a heavy fine on the Jewish community. Tita, Myriam’s mother, no longer has the right to work. Crippled with debts, she decides to marry her daughter to a rich doctor. Myriam sees her dreams of love suddenly fade away. An official selection at the Palm Springs International Film Festival & New York Jewish Film Festival.

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  • Terrific movie…great story , superb acting…
    Well done !!!

  • Saw this movie on TV last night. It wasn't as good as I was hoping – I think some aspects of Judaism and Islam weren't incorporated into this movie as deeply as they could have been, apart from towards the end. And the characters…I don't know why, but I couldn't really sympathise with either of them.

  • Wow this looks lite it's going to really good movie even tho it dose look like it going to be tad on the depressing side and not quite have a Disney happy ending.

  • I ask this because ive always wondered but never actually said out loud why do they make those sounds with their tongues? is it something special? ive always wanted to know

  • this looks amazing

  • It is nonsense. Because there is not always blood in your first relation ship. It all depends of the dilation of the vagina. I am afraid many girls got bitten up because of this stupid myth.

  • This is so interesting…in rural Chinese culture, the practice is to put up the bedsheet on the door to prove the bride's virginity. And if it's not stained, the bride would wrap it around her head and walk all the way back to her parents' home. Some of these brides either commit suicide on their way home or run away because of their humiliation.

  • This Is Weird !

  • i am not really sure, but i wonder if they were referring to the blood from the consummation of marriage with a virgin? (presupposing that there should be blood, which isn't true scientifically)

  • looks nice but what was the blood on the sheets for? why did they celabrate over it? anyone kno?

  • Opening 10/9 (SF – Kabuki), 10/23 (NY – Quad), 11/6 (LA) Tunis, 1942.
    More cities to come!

  • oh darn, you mean its foreign and not gonna be released here in the good ol you es of ay?! how sad. i am So disappointed. crouching tiger and heroes managed to pull off a successful movie full of captions and They were awesome! ๐Ÿ™

  • very interesting

  • this does look very interesting

  • Looks very interesting.

  • not a bad movie looks really interesting

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