The WORST Gaming Hot Takes

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There are way too many awful hot takes on the internet. I’ve put together a compilation of the WORST ones I could find. Prepare to be triggered, ye of faint heart.

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35 Responses to “The WORST Gaming Hot Takes

  • There you are, watching an Act Man video and all of a sudd-Get up to 37% off your Displate Posters HERE:

    They are really kickass! Thanks for supporting the channel <3

  • Time to move out of America

  • "Doom has always been Garbage"

    Warning the slayer has entered the facility

  • 12:09 was I the only one who thought she was talking about Bayonetta

  • If you play video games you ARE wasting your time. That's time you could spend doing literally anything else. Like wasting your time watching TV or improving your body which will inevitably fail on you either way.

    That's the point of video games. To waste time and relieve stress. Entertainment is a waste of time. Everything you do besides eating, drinking, sleeping, shitting and pissing is a waste of your time. That doesn't mean it's not worth doing. Waste your time. Do what you like. The more someone tells you that it's not worth doing, the more worth doing it is, because your happiness is probably pissing that bridge troll right the fuck off.

  • Breaking News: Tic Tac Toe influences Sexism!

  • So many of these hot takes come from the minds of people who can only think about skin color and sex.

  • Humans are weird (including me), change me if I’m wrong.

  • It's the video game that makes people violent, not drugs, crime and terrorism lol

  • They got a good point about Zelda,
    The last of the blue eye blonde haired Arya- Hylian race must stop an evil long nose dark skin bandit from the desert who aims to take their GOLDen Triforce. Doesn't help that lineage in said evil long nose tribe is matriarchal, meaning you can't be apart of that tribe unless your mom was.

  • Its funny how they bitch about video games and how much of a waste of time it is while they sit on twitter all day arguing politics and sharing their unwanted opinions.

  • Even in Bioshock….Trump is still your President 😁

  • That last channel is definitely satire

  • Don't you just hate it when people who know nothing about Video Games start talking about Video Games?
    …Also why hasn't someone taken Anita out of OUR misery yet? Every breath she takes is a crime against humanity.

  • Unpopular Opinion:
    Carpenter drops and rebuilding Barriers in Black Ops Zombies is useful.

  • I'm not sure what is happening but i already got notified about this video 6 days ago but apparently I was notified once again merely 8 minutes ago.

  • Hell yea my man the act man listens to mc virgins

  • I'm surprised I haven't seen a 5-paragraph long rant from a liberal who clicked on this video just to insult us gamers.

  • 2020 will be done soon right?

  • Do a review on Call of Duty: Declassified for 1000 years of good luck 🙏

  • Please review one of the Brothers in Arms Games.

  • Love this guy's videos. Spot on.

  • Look, genoside is never right. Ever.

    But holy hell, these people are making a good case for it.

  • These people talk about trump like an ex significant other they are desperate to hate at all times because they can’t get over it.

  • well the sony chief wasn't wrong all of the souls games are garbage made by lazy uninspired devs and the PC ports deserve them the death sentence.

  • I like how ppl still complain about violence in games when in the last 10 years most gave have become increasingly pussified in terms of violence or generally their depictions of shit you can do in them thats "immoral". I am honest thankful for a game like postal 4 coming

  • Honestly Act Man, the gamergate stuff is getting kind of old and it's not really a good look. The SJWs aren't coming for your video games and if they wanna circlejerk on femfreq about big tits in Mortal Kombat, that's their business.

    People bitch about everything, it's better to just let them be miserable alone and not give it any attention than to keep churning out content about it.

    Also, it's worth mentioning that a lot of these "controversies" were actually astroturfed to high hell. People were bitching about SJWs raising a stink over the Doom Eternal "mortally challenged" thing before anyone save for a few nobodies on Twitter even commented on it. Reactionaries invented the outrage and some SJWs didn't realize it and so it became an actual thing when they hopped into the conversation.

  • I got the Flu right after watching this.

  • As a girl, i personally find that saying "Video games appeal to the male fantasy." is, ironically, sexist itself. It almost seems to reinforce the idea that girls can only play with barbie dolls, they can only wear pink things, etc.

  • Thanks for the KOTOR soundtrack in the background. Nostalgic

  • Bro if halo gets “canceled” by gen z I’m gonna just drop kick any gen zer I see.

  • Can you please do cod 4 review

  • Call of duty ww1

  • Master chief is truly my favorite feminist

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