How does TITAN V compare to GTX 1080 TI in games

Results from-https://goo.gl/QCwsby

Time Code
0:18-system spec
0:33-Ghost Recon Wildlands
0:43-Sniper Elite 4
0:53-For Honor
1:03-Destiny 2
1:22-Ashes oftheingularity

CPU-Intel Core i7-7700K 4.5 GHz
MB-Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 Z270X
RAM-GSkill Trident Z 3200MHz C14
SSD-Crucial 1TB

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Download TITAN V vs GTX 1080 TI || 4K GAMING BENCHMARKS from here

40 Responses to “TITAN V vs GTX 1080 TI || 4K GAMING BENCHMARKS

  • so paying an extra thousand on the TITAN V is pretty much pointless.

  • RTX 2080 TI

  • Great card for professionals. Can also be used for entertainment from time to time. πŸ™‚

  • just overclock your 1080Ti and get 10 more fps. Thats it. You do not need 3000 dollars for 10 fps

  • Why not just buy 3 gtx 1080 and rock 8k 60fps?

  • After looking at this video I can't help to think that the new Turing cards will not be amazing performers. Supposedly Turing which has (4608 Cores) will be a scaled down version of Volta which has (5120 cores).But in this video there are games in which Volta does not out perform the Pascal chip, so where does that leave Turing. It's only the promise of future games using Ray tracing that gives this Turing based card any hope. The Tensor cores and the RT core wont do much for any of the current games.

  • Nvm I just looked at the Processor in the video XD

    Bottle neck


    The Titan V is much faster and I mean much faster

  • Isn’t the i7 bottlenecking the titan v

  • GUYS!!! GTX 1180 is comming…. πŸ˜€ -> 20 JULY! <- πŸ˜€

  • Could you share the details for the music pls?

  • somewhere near the future, amd will surprise the world for low price 4k gaming cards. its my dream

  • Yey gtx 1180 will cheaper than titan v an will have the same power. 4k and 60fps welcome

  • man i love ur benchmarks. i have 2 1080 Tis and i get ur same benchmarks there 100% legit. guys if you own a i7 7700k and at least 1 1080 ti and all you do is just game only gamers do not go out and upgrade this is just painfull. wait untill next gen

  • well right now the titan v is 1500bucks, the 1080ti is at around 1000 bucks i think it's worth the +500 bucks if u use softwares like cinema4d, vegas, photoshop etc .. and even gaming but i'm ok if u buy this card only for a +10% fps in games that's not really smart XD

  • 2x 1080 ti is still cheaper than this

  • the cpu is a bottleneck its pretty obvious if the performance is that similar

  • Boy my intergraded graphics is better

  • Im happy with my gtx 1080 msi gaming X

  • Hahah he has a badass graphics card but it's lagging soo
    Much Hahahahah

  • 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • If GTX Titan V is for professional work, then why is it not named Quadro, but instead Geforce GTX. A name completely fit for a gaming card? and why does it offer only 12Gb RAM on top of it when Quadro P6000 offers 24Gb?

  • hey, can you try bmw bench of blender with titan v?

  • Why does it have lower minimums?

  • Looks like a CPU bottleneck for most benchmarks. Not all though.

  • You can buy a car and drive it instead of wasting money on titan v and simulate it with a game

  • What kind of score should I I expect in 3dmark with a 1080ti & a 8700k i7? I am getting a new cpu ram & mobo middle of next week I am keen to know what to expect

  • for everyone saying theres a bottleneck with the cpu…

    some other youtuber tested this card with the i7 8700k, cpu 20%, gpu 99%

    and i believe the 7700k isn't much worse, so no bottleneck here

  • The minimums on the titan volta are bad.

  • For 3k, you can actually run quad gtx 1080ti

  • its funny how the titan v isn't even optimised for gaming but yet it beats the 1080ti in all games in 4k. i just hope in the future that we see a card that can do 5k 100fps

  • Crank those aa man, further stress the card = Performance difference will really show then. Gpu utilization is prob no where near 100% on the Titan V.

    Up it some, jack those settings up, then reup, bet you all, Major difference. Try even 5k MAX with AA.

    Believe me, even @ 4k or even at 5k, some games AA BAAAAAD!, some games like the original lost planet has excellent IQ at max settings, even at shitty as 720p, So every game is going to look different.

    Both cards can handle it EASY!

    Please re-do your videos with Inject AA inspector settings with certain games.

    Please you all, watch my 980ti vs 1080ti sli videos, I am putting settings that probably no one has ever done.

    I am working on uploaded TONS more 1080ti sli in the future, I haven't been recently but I am finishing up some other games, Got tons to upload.

    Shoot, I even Upload an old 3dmark 03/05, Aquamark 3(OLD BENCH TOOL), and even Unreal I(Before geforce cards even came out), Along with 32xS within nvidia inspector @ 4k MAX, = Performance difference is staggering, in some case, well over double.

    Even the very first unreal I(1998). 4k MAX + 32xS + Modified .Ini config file along with Totally Stock Textures, Totally destroys my 1080ti. πŸ™‚

    Check them out.

  • im not sure but i looked at another vids and i really do think that the cpu is a battle nack and also 4.5ghz on an i7700k come on you can d obetter then that

  • Still can't run pubg at 30 fps verylow

  • Titan V is for Mining!

  • 1080ti runs everything you need at 60fps on 4k do you even need more performance if anything just SLI! it

  • The card is much more powerful than the 1080 ti but this video doesn’t do it justice because it’s not really made for gaming as of now (maybe in 3yrs it’ll be on the level of that generations gaming cards, but still). This is a good video though, you got my thumbs up

  • Just wait for the gpu tesla v100 to hit the public market…

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