Trouble Along the Way – Trailer

Silver screen legend John Wayne stars as a former top-notch college football coach who tries to maintain custody of his daughter during a tough divorce while earning back self-respect by coaching a small-town Catholic school’s football team. A unusually sentimental role for the Duke, in which he proves his amazing gift for comedy and sentiment. Co-starring Donna Reed (“It’s a Wonderful Life”), and directed by Michael Curtiz (“Casablanca”). MPAA Rating: NOTRATED (c) 1953 A Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved #Trailer #WB

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7 Responses to “Trouble Along the Way – Trailer

  • One of my favourite John Wayne films

  • Thank you for answering what I tought about ..with John Wayne's left hand I was not sure if he was right or left handed ..what a great man he was I still love him xxx

  • I would've been great to have had John Wayne in some episodes of The Rifleman or Bonanza.

  • He just ROCKS a fedora, too! My mother was a huge fan of the Duke, but never told me about this one; however, she didn't like his military roles, either.

  • Great movie, good blend of sentiment and comedy. Wayne works well with Sherry Jackson. Better than Danny Thomas ever did. You'd have thought a football movie with former football player John Wayne would have been a big hit. Notice that Wayne slugs someone using his left arm. That's because he hurt his right shoulder showing one of the football players how to block.

  • great film and it was a different kind of role for the great john wayne.the duke was a great actor,but sometimes does not get the credit that he deserves.most times when you here wayne's name,you think of a tough wayne's son michael said his fans wanted to see him as a soldier or a cowboy.i think the duke gave a lot of great perfomances especially in: the searchers, red river, stage coach, the quiet man, rio grande, true grit and the shootist his last film.

  • Love the movie – one of his best little know films and Donna Reed and Charles Coburn who could ask for more……….

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