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This gripping thriller, starring Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton and Harvey Keitel, follows a US Navy captain and his crew on a top-secret mission to infiltrate a Nazi U-boat.

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  • Excelente….

  • It was alright. Give me hunt for red October any day of the week for a submarine movie


  • I am pretty sure America wasn't even in WW2 at the time when the British captured the Enigma machine.

  • Capturing an enigma on any u-boot had nothing to do with breaking the enigma code. On December 31, 1932, Polish mathematicians broke the "Enigma" code. At the end of December 1932, Marian Rejewski read the first information sent via the German encryption machine "Enigma". Jerzy Różycki and Henryk Zygalski were the co-authors of breaking the "Enigma" code. The Allies only used the work of Polish mathematicians and are constantly trying to take credit for their merits in breaking the code by making such deceptive films like U-571 and The Imitation Game.

  • April 21st 2000

  • das boot ist besser

  • Sooooooooooo inaccurate

  • West inaccurately steals the entire WWII heroism and sacrifices for itself and doesn’t even mention Russia. US then steals all the heroism and sacrifices from everyone else despite the fact that Americans entered the war late. That’s how it goes when you own the media & Hollywood.

  • What up with the glory theme lmao

  • who else is her bc of bon Jovi xD

  • 역시 미터법이 최고야

  • Historical accuracy: 0

  • Bullshit historically inaccurate film made for American patriots to masturbate to

  • And here's another small fact. The enigma machine "could" have been purchased by you or me PRIOR to WW2 (not invented by Germans). https://www.cryptomuseum.com/crypto/enigma/hist.htm
    Decripting, well, that's another story…..

  • btw, who sunk the Bismark / Turpitz /Graf Spee. Last of the the great battle ships? (yes, I know Graf Spee a pocket battleship). The Commonwealth, that's who! With a Kiwi ship involved re the Graf Spee and River Plate. "HMS Achilles" See https://nzhistory.govt.nz/keyword/river-plate First great sea battle of WW2 1939. No sight of the USA here or there. Just a thought for all. Note to movie makers. We all know that winners write history but don't sh*t on the allies eh? ps… war at sea a thing of the past. All done by air these days as learned by the Bismark sinking. A simple bi-plane held together with canvas and wire. One torpedo to the rudder and game over. All those little bi-planes managed to return to their ship. That is EXTRAORDINARY.

  • Gentlemen it's our turn,
    "In the last great war, a group of young Americans was sent to over power a nazi submarine and steel the secret that could turn the tide of the battle and just they thought the mission was over. But suddenly there was an a change, there lost their ride home and trapped into the enemy submarine deep in hostel waters. The key of the victory rest with nine men's".

    "From the universal pictures comes a story about the courage that wins the war the moments that changes the history"

  • Excellent cinematography, but an absolute insult to the British code-breakers and Alan Turing who actually built the first-ever computer capable of reliably decrypting the Nazi Enigma time after time without the Naz's ever knowing that their secret code was compromised.

  • "Heroes are just ordinary men…
    …who do extraordinary things…
    …in extraordinary times".

  • I loved when he said DIVE, DIVE.

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