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Johnny talks sabout some of his video game regrets over the years!
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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!

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37 Responses to “VIDEO GAMING REGRETS – Happy Console Gamer

  • I only real video game regret isn't a game or system I bought or didn't buy, instead my regret wasn't being home when some stranger happened to strike up a conversation with my autistic brother who had developed dementia, when he developed ALS. Due to the dementia, my brother's focus on fast food had gotten worse. So, when this guy offered to bring my brother a large soda for my Xbox 360, the 20+ games I had for that system, and my 20+ Gamecube games. When I came home and found my brother waiting for the guy in the living room, and noticed my stuff gone, I was made for about 30 minutes, but accepted that my brother wasn't in his right state of mine. It bothers me even 6 years later, that this guy would take advantage of someone who was obviously not in his right state of mine. The police of course were of no help; saying because he gave the stuff to the guy, and it would be his word vs my brother, they refused to help. This is in spite of me contacting Microsoft who said they would work with the police and could trace the system via it's mac address. However, some time after this, someone gave my friend a stolen iPad; and the police arrested his friend who gave it to him in lew of some money he owed him. I think had my brother been some really old person, the police would have taken it more serious. I fail to see how taking advantage of an old person with dementia is any different from someone doing the same to someone in their late 40's with dementia. I focused on my 360 games first, and I am just not starting to pick up games I had for the Game Cube. Thankfully, to my brother-in-law borrowing a game without asking; I made a list of all my games before this guy took advantage of my brother.

    I look forward to the PS5, but I need a new PC first, so I can edit video and photos, and I would like to stream video games on youtube. I have a bunch of PS2, original Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, Dreamcast, and PS3. Probably 200+ games all together. It would also be nice to be able to run emulators and to do PC gaming.I think the PS5 looks like it may revolutionize gaming, and what they have done with I/O and the SSD, will probably make their way to PC's. I'm unemployed right now, but will hopefully find a good paying job I can do from home, so I can avoid Corona 19, got my flu shot already as I know things will be even worse with flu season. Been gaming since I was a kid, and my first experience with home consoles was a friend's Atari 2600, and then his Colecovision. I remember playing Asteroids and Tempest at the local 7/11, and Battlezone and other such games at a local pool hall while in high school.

    Keep up the great work, great channel.

  • The Bouncer was my first PS2 game. I bought it before I even had the system. I enjoyed it as a kid at least

  • Did exactly the same with Chronicles X…
    I also can't get into MK series, liked MK2 on the MegaDrive and got the one on the cube, but MK is all a bit meh to me nowadays lol.
    Same with Assassin's Creed series, couldn't move much past the hand holding first missions of the first one, didn't engage with it

  • Well my biggest gaming regrets was never getting into Minecraft even when it came to the Nintendo Switch. It's a lovely game, lovely environments, and and memorable but simplistic characters. Now I get to enjoy those characters on Smash Bros Ultimate and and you obtain the basics of the Minecraft world without all the hard work when playing those characters in Smash Ultimate.

  • I don't like assassin creed neither, Mario bores me pretty fast unless if is a Kart one, i can't play turn based games, i just hate them and I'm sad abut Yakuza like a dragon because I love the series but i know i won't play that for more tha 10 minutes and i can't "waste" money.

  • I regret buying PSVR.

  • the bouncer was dope

  • I am having real trouble lately not just not finishing games but just not even starting them properly. I was looking forward to Ori and the Will of the Wisps but just can't seem to want to continue after about 10 hours. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is so complicated to even work out where to go for missions it is so bloated with crap and just can't be bothered even starting it past the first couple of hours. Really played the hell out of Doom Eternal so go figure.

  • I'll be glad when Xenoblade Chronicles x comes out on the switch I hope I never played it on the other system

  • “It’s better to regret the things you’ve done than the things you haven’t.” -Landon

  • My biggest regret is playing Chrono Trigger for the first time last year! I can honestly say that game made me a better person

  • Yea…i never finished Assassin's Creed either

  • That's how I feel about dark souls

  • My regret series was Fable. I wanted to like it so bad and I had all these things in my head that I was gonna do. The problem with Fable was that on all 3 I feel that Lion Head Studios promised the world with every entry but it felt like they delivered a town. I fell for it every time.

  • One of my biggest regrets was just starting the game Secret of Mana for the SNES. I thought the game had too many drawbacks that were too hard to overlook. It is the perfect example of a video game with gorgeous graphics and broken gameplay. Another big regret was buying a lot of cheesy/bad NES and SNES platformers from my local retro video game stores when there was nothing else. The variety at the game shops in my area have been very hit or miss the last few years. I should have just bought from eBay initially since I started collecting again in 2017.

  • I feel this way with the pokemon series. I just cant get into it.

  • My biggest regret was not trying Minecraft sooner. The first time I played was only a few years ago when my daughter and her cousin were playing coop and I joined in as a third person. At first I was just trying to be nice because I had no prior interest in the game, but the more I played the more I found enjoyable and kept wanting to explore the map until I had seen everything. Now after buying it on the PC with its unlimited map I know what to expect and hope as future updates roll out they continue to evolve the world so I can again rediscover the feeling I had the first time I played. Minecraft 2 would be pretty hype.

    Speaking of Assassin's Creed the first and only game I've played in the series is the first one. Having explored the world through an assassin and loving the idea and concept, even the futuristic setting, I had my fill of the game and never thought to go back. Its funny though because my favorite game of all time, Diablo 2, is itself a sequel and I was eager to jump into the second game knowing how much I enjoyed the first.

  • I really wanted to love FFVII:RE, I was so hyped, I played the demo and loved it…
    …then when I actually played it I was done by the Aeris part, it just didn't click for me; I was pretty gutted. I'm going to try it again when part 2 is on the horizon and hope I just missed my moment.

  • Bro I had to take a break from my channel to beat XBCX.. but it was soooo worth it. The last two bosses are EPIC and the story gets better and better and then the end comes and ur mind is blown. JOHN! BEAT THE DAMN GAME!

  • Thank you for NOT having annoying into-music like everything other youtuber!!!

  • I don't like the Scifi story in Assassins' creed. The last few games are much better as they don't focus on that crap that much.

  • I had the same with Assassin's Creed. The simulation thing ruined it for me.

  • Mortal Kombat was also one of those games that looked good, but not something I could play because of the style of it. Super Smash Bros also falls under the same for me not being able to play it cause I didn't like the style.

  • you're not alone john. i also never got into Assassin's Creed series. it just never clicked with me i found it really boring and repetitive

  • assasins creed is much deeper man its amazing

  • I’m trying SO HARD to love the Witcher 3, this is my fourth attempt to get more than 10 hours in.

  • excellent video. thanks

  • I regret buying over 50 ps4 games digitally and now think physical is better

  • Regarding Assassins Creed, I had the same problem as you…. I played only the first. They all look pretty good but that part of the future turned me off for good-

    My biggest regret was selling my game boy and all games to a colleague. If I had it today I would still play it. I am always playing the roms.

  • Same first impressions on Assassin's Creed! Never got into the series either 🤷‍♂️

  • Gaming regret, selling my Gamecube, PS2, and Original XBOX under the the belief of those SD graphics suck compared to next gen HD. I made amends by buying a Wii that plays Gamecube, a Fat PS3 that plays PS2, and an Original XBOX. I have soft modded all these to play their games from a digital library. Other regret is not getting more into Zelda, Resident Evil games, and Blizzard games, just been busy playing other stuff and would like to find time to play them.

  • If we got a port of chronicles x I want I retranslated to use the correct names for things like Dolls for mecha rather than Skells. I also want to see the game not edited the way it was like I get the needing to adjust ages bc of decency standards but like don’t remove clothing items and customization items just bc they don’t think it’s appropriate. It isn’t up to someone else to decide what is and isn’t appropriate for me, I am an adult. With regard to the bouncer and assassins creed I pretty much felt the same way. With the bouncer I wanted another Tobal and what we got was meh at best. With assassins creed I mean the whole animus concept was just lame to me.

  • I love Persona 4 and 5 but I can’t seem to get into Shin Megami Tensei games or even persona 1-3.
    I’ve tried so much over the years and the only one I’ve loved and beat is Devil Survivor Overclocked.
    Everything else just seems not for me but I love the lore of the series. I’ll continue to buy SMT games until I find one I connect with.

  • You didn't miss anything after the first assasins.besides black flag.and knowbody likes animas its an emersion crusher.

  • Biggest gaming regret is subscribing to World of Warcraft on my 19th birthday (August 2007) and becoming addicted.
    I missed so many great games and basically the whole of the Wii/PS3/360 era as well as most of the PS4 era.
    I quit 2 years ago but now I'm playing catch-up on a lot of things I've missed.

  • The secret to MK is that no matter who you pick, the base character always plays the same. Same uppercut, jump kick, and sweep. The special moves are something you add once you master the timing and distance of those other basic moves.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles X was a much better experience then BOTW. Not saying its a better game. It US the wii pad so well which I think that's the part that will make it hard to port

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