Where the Boys Are (1960) – Trailer


Four coeds from snowbound Penmore U. know that the only place to be during Spring Break is Where the Boys Are. The rites (and wrongs) of the spring migration of thousands of college students to sunny Fort Lauderdale are celebrated in an era-defining film that combines a cast of 1960s up-and-comers with youthful hijinks and a cautionary will-she-or-won’t-she storyline of sex and romance. MPAA Rating: NOTRATED (c) 1960 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. #Trailer #WB

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10 Responses to “Where the Boys Are (1960) – Trailer

  • Connie Francis in a triple-"X" rated movie? Wow!

  • Dolores Hart literally wasted her life as a nun with the Catholic Church later on

  • Dolores Hart shortly after became a Roman Catholic nun, after a visit to Rome for a film, and setting up a nunnery in California which still exists I think. Still a ground breaking film for its era.

  • Had the pleasure of meeting George Hamilton, in 05`, when I was living in Miami with second wife. Great guy, came to our table, chatted for awhile, and had our pic taken..

  • American Pie of the 60s

  • It's a good clean movie I seen it when I was younger can't find clean movies anymore one of my favorites

  • Way to white and I'm a conservative.

  • oh my gosh, the days when, according to the screenwriters, women went to college to get their M -R -S degree. The song by Connie Francis is wonderful; the rest is badly dated and H O R R I B L E.

    Era-defining? Oh, give me a break, this does NOT define the 1960s. Anything but!

  • rented this movie from Amazon………..took me back a lot of years…………….Indy, Wendy, and all you other Ft. Lauderdale locals it was a fun memory……………..

  • Debating watching this, I LOVE the song by Connie Francis

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